Meanwhile, in Germany they are really connecting with the people and “zusammen gehen” and all that.

Remember, the people who desire the Traditional Latin Mass must be CRUSHED!

Meanwhile, in Germany they are really connecting with the people and “zusammen gehen” and all that.

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  1. APX says:

    *sigh* he’s wearing the wrong coloured vestments and his stole is supposed to be under his chasuble.

  2. Ariseyedead says:

    Even the German Anglicans are saying, “Zat ist too cringe!”

  3. rosaryarmy says:

    I wonder if he got the gold “hip hop” chain at the same store where they sell ordination tambourines.

  4. jason in kc says:

    I don’t understand German, but I’m assuming he’s explaining “rap” to the other boomers. How can you journey together if you can’t “rap” together? This man is doing yeoman’s work.

    And why wouldn’t you want a holy water font (or whatever that is) filled with candy (or whatever that is in it)? Refusing to fill holy water fonts with candy is why the TLM needs to be crushed, and trads have only themselves to blame.

    And even if it’s not a holy water font filled with candy but on closer inspection an inexplicably placed small table with multi-colored ribbon on it, the very fact that you’d refuse a holy water font filled with candy just proves the point. QED.

  5. kevpaq says:

    Given that the German’s can now flout the wishes of the Vatican and get away with it, maybe the “trads” should, too. How’s this for a legacy…Pope Defiance I??

  6. BeatifyStickler says:

    Very gay.

  7. TWF says:

    What a weird culture.

    I feel that no white progressive priest would try this stunt in North America, because he would be condemned for cultural appropriation…

  8. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    “Vas ist up mein fellow gansters!”

    This is the stuff they did in the 90s and early 2000s, when I was growing up in the evangelical church. It was lame then too… but I’m glad to see that they’re on the cutting edge of a two decade old fad.

    The memories. The music. *shudder*

  9. JustaSinner says:

    Is it acceptable, after this, to be slightly embarrassed at being Catholic? Cringe is a double entendre Dad joke. This is beyond sad…

  10. V_Podsnap says:

    Exit Ratzinger – Fr. Rapsinger is in the haus!
    So cringeworthy I was unable to take my Sunday nap.

  11. Rob in Maine says:

    Is… is he reading the Gospel or rapping a homily??!?!?!

  12. Gaetano says:

    Pure essence of cringe.

    I thought it was the Episcopal church that was beyond parody, but German Catholics now have the lead.

  13. Gaetano says:

    Since His Excellency is repping Crip colors (blue), will there be an opportunity for the Bloods & Latin Kings* to have equal time.

    *Sadly, not the Latin Kings we need…

  14. Legisperitus says:

    Amongst all the “social justice” and “ecological justice,” is there no room for a little “liturgical justice”? Because buffoonery like this is nothing but a profound injustice to God.

  15. The Vicar says:

    Likely an audition for Napoleon Dynamite II.

  16. OzReader says:

    TheCavalierHatherly – Any denomination trying to be trendy usually manage to be painfully lame, if not dreadfully obvious (inferior) imitations of whatever it is that’s “cool”. It’s very off-putting for secular onlookers, I mean, I was the most boring, untrendy kid in school, yet even I cringed at the efforts of the evangelicals trying to attract attendance at youth group, or even conversions. To make matters worse, after entering the Catholic Church, they came even later to the party … so that was two doses of the fanfare around the movie “God’s Not Dead”. Ugh.

  17. Not says:

    I thought it was a photo of bishop Fatty McButterpants.

  18. JonPatrick says:

    If the Mass is the re-presentation of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, then of course this is what we would be doing standing on Calvary alongside St. John and our Blessed Mother, dressed in silly garments and singing rap songs.

  19. aam says:

    The homosexuals have infiltrated all echelons of society. Even in our local Saint Patrick’s Day Parade this past weekend they had a float to flaunt themselves.

  20. Andreas says:

    This spectacle was provided by one Father Thomas Eschenbacher, Priest at the church of St. Johannes der Täufer” in Hammelburg. The Mass was celebrated on Quinquagesima Sunday, on one of the few remaining days of the Fasching (Carnival) season. An interview with this whiskey-loving Pfarrer and photos from his ‘clown Mass’ can be found at:
    A comment from the Website creator at the end of the article will sound quite familiar to many here: “Yet the Latin Mass is persecuted and the Pope thinks liturgical abuse does not exist”.

  21. edm says:

    I assume that is the biretta in use by the cathedral chapter.

  22. Simon_GNR says:

    That’s rap with the “silent c”!
    Utterly cringeworthy, irreverent and sacrilegious. How is rubbish like this going to save souls for Christ? Typical egotistical, “look at me” show-off priest who, it seems, would rather earn the adulation of his fans than the respect of God’s people. An utter disgrace.

  23. TheCavalierHatherly says:


    “To make matters worse, after entering the Catholic Church, they came even later to the party … so that was two doses of the fanfare around the movie “God’s Not Dead”. Ugh.”

    To be fair, that one ought to be chalked up to the general lack of advanced catechesis. I’ve met traditionalists who have been enamored of the aforesaid film(s). And, having read Peter Hitchens, I’m fairly certain that the public conversation is, in fact, at the level portrayed in the films.

    Personally, I cope by living in a castle made of scholastic manuals.

  24. Sandy says:

    Is it mere coincidence that it was the Rhine bishops, at the beginning of Vatican II, who got the “schemas” changed to the ambiguous texts? This enabled all the various interpretations that followed, according to one brilliant author who wrote about it. Must be the water or some spirit over there.

  25. Philmont237 says:

    Michael Scott’s “Prison Mike.”

  26. Benedict Joseph says:

    Is this individual the premiere of Teutonic transgenderism in the sanctuary?

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  28. Kathleen10 says:

    Oh…no…just noooo….and not even kind of no, just perfectly and completely no.
    I’m not understanding this on any level. Who, exactly, are they trying to attract, retired rappers? They can’t possibly think seriously this is going to pull in young people. We have ZERO in common with these people. Zero.

  29. campello says:

    I can’t unsee that ?????

  30. jaykay says:

    Andreas: thanks for the link, which gives the background to Fr. Eschenbacher.

    Hmmm… somehow, I don’t think this is what Greene was getting at with his “whiskey priest”.

    A lot of power – in his own, somewhat confused (being charitable) mind. But no glory.


  31. JMody says:

    Looking at this strictly logically, there are only, as I see it, three options that explain how someone claims to be priest and behaves like this:
    1. He knows that when he says the words of consecration, Christ is physically present in his hands, a miracle for the asking, and he chooses to treat that miracle this way –> which is mockery to the point of diabolical.
    2. He knows and chooses as above, but his motive is good, he somehow honestly thinks this is a good way to share this with others, a good way to teach, and is showing the respect the Sacrament is due –> which is a catastrophic failure of the intellect.
    3. He doesn’t know, and he chooses this because he’s just trying to liven it up, “I mean c’mon I have to do this EVERY Sunday” –> which is a catastrophic lack of faith, awareness, and even integrity to go on doing what he’s doing.

    So which is it, Herr Pfarrer Eschenbacher? Du bist d’ran – you pick.

  32. Fr. Reader says:

    My limited experience:
    In the short term, very short term, the “cool” priest attracts the attention of some people.
    In the mid and long term, people, both young and not young, want something authentic.
    Authenticity, difficult virtue.

  33. maternalView says:

    Sadly, I don’t think this is even about attracting anyone to the faith but an excuse to perform.

    It’s always lame when the religious try to copy the secular.

    The Catholic Church is the home of so many beautiful things yet these folks reject them. Gregorian chant is beautiful and lifts the heart to God. Rap is secular chant that everyone thinks they look good doing. It’s self centered. The response to either reflects their purpose.

  34. sjoseph371 says:

    “*sigh* he’s wearing the wrong coloured vestments and his stole is supposed to be under his chasuble.”

    I WISH that was the only thing wrong with that “performance.”

    Hey, Luther – you forgot a few guys when you left. Can you please take them on your way out the door?

  35. The Bruised Optimist says:

    Optimistic detail that has so far been missed. Although the altar server nearest to the camera seems to be tapping along with the beat, the altar server in the background has his hands clenched tightly together as if the whole experience is as painful to him as it is for us. My hope lies not in the misguided wretch in the pulpit, but the one who he is making wretched in the background. HE seems to know this buffoonery is wrong, at least on some level. If that kid’s moral compass can function at all in such a liturgical swamp, then there is some hope.

  36. AA Cunningham says:

    These buffoons won’t feel so hip during their particular judgments.

  37. JamesM says:

    I presume that is a German biretta he is wearing?

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