Meanwhile, in Kansas

This is from 1 March but I just found it today. The SSPX is building an amazing church in Kansas. The altar was installed.

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  1. redneckpride4ever says:

    My wife and I are hoping to take a pilgrimage there next year.

  2. yeager says:

    how quickly can priests be ordained from the Society?

  3. Ave Maria says:

    I would love to visit! Consecration date is May 3rd.

  4. G. Thomas Fitzpatrick says:

    I see that the SSPX is also building a new purpose-built church in Mexico. I am curious whether purpose-built churches are a better option than extensive renovation of a closed Catholic or protestant church.

    God bless them!

  5. Mariana2 says:


  6. JPaulZ says:

    Absolutely beautiful. What are the rest of us doing wrong?
    However, Bishop F. Atticus McButterpants may find the facility an unfavorable location for the annual meat raffle.

  7. JamesM says:


    An SSPX priest has gone through rigorous formation at seminary prior to ordination. Their seminaries are all full. Rest assured they are doing all they can.

  8. JGavin says:

    To Mr Fitzpatrick’s comments, I have been struck by the observation that in commercial real estate it can be cheaper to build new rather than renovate old. In terms of acquiring a an old Catholic Church, there may be resistance on the part of the local Diocese to sell. Some ,I imagine on the diocesan level and perhaps Rome, would rather see it become mosque or an evangelical Church rather than be taken over by the SSPX. On a happier note I believe the ICKSP took over a former Church of the Rev Ian Paisley a few years ago. That brought a smile to my face.

  9. Public Savant says:

    JGavin, the church in Belfast is a former Presbyterian church and structurally a fine building but the interior requires a lot of renovation before it’s suitable for permanent Catholic worship. Paisley left the Presbyterian church early in his career and founded his own denomination, the ‘Free Presbyterians’.

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