Altar breads from Cistercian nuns, with video

From a priest reader:

Thank you for all that you do to promote the religious life, especially the businesses that cloistered religious operate to support themselves.

I thought you might appreciate (and plug) this video on the altar breads business run by my sisters at Valley of Our Lady Monastery in Prarie du Sac, Wisconsin and spread the word that parishes can buy altar breads made by women who sing vigils at 4:00 a.m. each morning in Latin:


As the video says, the business supports the sisters, but they’re going to need some extra help to build a new monastery that will hold their rapidly growing community.  Those who are able to help can send a donation to:

Valley of Our Lady Monastery
E 11096 Yanke Drive
Prairie du Sac WI 53578-973773


If a parish would like to use altar breads baked by contemplative nuns, they can, click here.

These women are the only house of O.Cist nuns in North America and you can see that they’re the real deal by the joy on their faces.  These are the type of nuns that your readers can feel very good about supporting.

Did I mention that, in addition to working and praying hard, they’ve now gone ad orientem?

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  1. Will D. says:

    The link to the monastery’s page is missing. Click here for their site, it appears that orders are taken via email.

  2. A comment from Adoro of the blog AdoroTeDevote:

    ‘I visited this community last summer. They are awesome! But they haven’t “gone ad orientem”. They can’t. They don’t actually have a regular chaplain. They take who they get and most of the priests who are able/willing to come out and offer Mass each day are Capuchin Franciscans who favor elementary-induced “inclusive language”. Sister warned me before the 1st Mass I attended because of the fact that, well, let’s just say many illicit things were happening but the Sisters are grateful for ANY priest who would come to offer Mass because many cloistered communities don’t have the same benefit. The O.Cist men who are closest are in another diocese and 1.5 hours away. So their own priests do NOT offer Mass at the nun’s Monastery. FYI: if there is new info and a major change in this since my stay there, I welcome being corrected on this point.’

  3. stephenocist says:

    Fr. Sticha,

    I’m the one who wrote the note cited in Fr. Z’s post and am a monk of Valley of Our Lady’s brother house at Spring Bank. I can assure you that the Sisters have changed directions. It is my understanding that some of the priests who say Mass regularly still celebrate versus populum, but the preferred position is now ad orientem and was inaugurated this spring at the monastery’s visitation by our prior. Not surprisingly, some of the younger priests now saying Mass for the sisters have been enthusiastic in their support.

    Br. Stephen Treat, O.Cist.

  4. doanli says:

    I wonder if it’s possible for widowed women to become contemplative nuns?

  5. dans0622 says:


    There is nothing in the general law that prevents it. Particular law might have something else to say. There is also the needs of any minor children who might need a mother.


  6. Sam Schmitt says:

    I have also visited the monastery with my family. Pure joy.

  7. dans0622 says:

    I tried to “visit” this monastery once, on my way through that area, but when I got to the address I was looking for, it appeared to be a regular farm. With confusion, I just passed by…

    Anyway, I think the nun in the video who was putting those stakes/posts in the ground is going to need a bigger hammer! :)

  8. jaykay says:

    “… their rapidly growing community” What remains to be said? And as for their example of very humble submission, well I think I’ve certainly taken something from that to dwell on the next time the red mist begins to descend at some aberrancy I might witness.

  9. Br. Treat,

    That is wonderful news! A direct quote from Adoro: “tell him I’m happy-dancing around my livingroom right now! And tell him Deo Gratias!”

  10. juxta crucem says:

    The sisters chant the offices and the Mass in Latin -very beautifully! I have visited as well and agree with Sam – pure joy!

  11. Liz F says:

    This is so exciting and encouraging. The kids are going to kill me if I keep adding Orders to our prayers, but I can’t help it. They want me to say something like “God bless all of them.” I’m not sure I can even say “Cistercians”!

  12. Jack Hughes says:

    Liz F – just do what I do and make your intentions for all faithful Religious Orders and then name ones you have a special feelings for e.g. the Benedictines of Tyburn.

  13. irishgirl says:

    Jack Hughes-I know about the Benedictines of Tyburn! On my trips to England I always tried to stop by their chapel. Lovely Sisters!

    I’m also happy to hear that these Cistercian nuns are growing!

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