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Good Summer Reading: William Forstchen – Lost Regiment Series

During the American Civil War a Union regiment is being transported by ship.  They fall into a tunnel of light and emerge on the ocean of another planet.  They rapidly encounter the descendants of 10th century Russians.   There is conflict.  But … Read More

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2 June 1865: America Civil War officially ended (and more)

150 years ago today, the American Civil War officially ended. From History: In an event that is generally regarded as marking the end of the Civil War, Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith, commander of Confederate forces west of the Mississippi, … Read More

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150 years ago: The Gettysburg Address – Fr Z opines

Four and a half months after the Battle of Gettysburg, on the afternoon of Thursday 19 November 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered a “few appropriate remarks” at the dedication of the cemetery for fallen soldiers. After a 13,607 word speech … Read More

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Of civil wars and sesquicentennials and gazettes

One my daily internet stops is the Civil War Daily Gazette. Since we are in the sesquicentennial year of the American Civil War, some enterprising folks have created a day by day gazette like blog, covering the unfolding of the … Read More

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Antietam – 150 years later

There is a wonderful blog called Civil War Daily Gazette, which acts as a sort of newspaper chronicling the events of the American Civil war on a day by day basis, 150 years on.  I look at it everyday. I … Read More

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On this day in 1861: Gen. Stonewall Jackson

I have a priest friend who refers to all other motorists equally as “Jackson”.  A great idea, that, since it help you not to refer to all other motorists as “____”.   There is also a great old book called Father … Read More

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Happy anniversary US Income Tax!

What would modern news-blog coverage of the American Civil War have been like? I have been following the Civil War Daily Gazette, a site which is chronicling day by day the events of the American Civil War 150 years after … Read More

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