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CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Saturday – Priest hams out there?

A couple things to report on the Ham front this week. One Wednesday evening I tuned in to listen to the local ARES check in.  This is something I might consider in the future.  This is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, … Read More

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EXPLOSION ABOARD ODYSSEY! 42 years ago on Friday 13th

Jimmy Akin reminded me today that it is the anniversary of the day an oxygen tank exploded in the Service Module of Apollo 13 on its way to our great natural satellite’s Fra Mauro Highlands, named after the 15th c. … Read More

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Does Pres. Obama desire the USA to slide into mediocrity?

Does Pres. Obama desire the USA to slide into mediocrity?  Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell and Eugene Cernan raise the question. From Politico with my E & C. Armstrong: Obama hurting Space effort Former astronaut Neil Armstrong has issued a strongly … Read More

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