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Another papal trip, another papal presser, another papal kerfuffle

The usual unusual suspects are over the moon that Pope Francis made comments about “gays” (I detest the twisting of that once fine word) where else but on an airplane.  Other suspects are shredding their garments. Frankly, this is much … Read More

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Pope Francis’ ‘Armeniam Visit” [sic]

When world leaders visit each other, they generally exchange gifts. Sometimes they get the spelling right, too. At least in photo given to reporters, #PopeFrancis gift to prez has typo. (Been there done that.) “Armeniam” pic.twitter.com/07l834e0BI — Cindy Wooden (@Cindy_Wooden) … Read More

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ARMENIA: Islamic rebels demand $250,000 for kidnapped Catholic priest

From Public Radio of Armenia: Rebels demand $250,000 for the kidnapped Armenian Catholic Priest A world wide appeal has been initiated by the Bishop Marayati, Armenian Catholic, of Aleppo for the release of Fr Michael Kayyal who was kidnapped on … Read More

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