ARMENIA: Islamic rebels demand $250,000 for kidnapped Catholic priest

From Public Radio of Armenia:

Rebels demand $250,000 for the kidnapped Armenian Catholic Priest

A world wide appeal has been initiated by the Bishop Marayati, Armenian Catholic, of Aleppo for the release of Fr Michael Kayyal who was kidnapped on 9th February 2013 by an Islamic rebel group located some 30 kilometres from the above-mentioned city.

The rebels have made contact with the Archbishop and informed him to mediate with the Syrian authorities with the aim of securing the release of 15 rebel fighters from Syrian prisons. The rebels also made financial demands to the tune of 15,000,000 million Syrian pounds ($250,000 approx).

On February 20, 2013 the rebels allowed Fr Michael to contact his mother for only one minute to prove that he is still alive.

The Armenian Catholic Community of Aleppo urges everyone to forward the feelings to the French and Russian Foreign Ministries and the following Facebook page HERE.

Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, intercede for Fr. Kayyal!


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  1. Therese says:

    I pray Fr. Kayyal will be returned safely, and that these kidnappings will not begin again in earnest.

  2. Phil_NL says:

    Likewise, Therese.

    A slight correction if I may: the title suggest this is happening in Armenia (an ex-soviet republic). However, the article makes it clear Fr Kayyal is actually an Armenian catholic rite priest in Syria – an altogether different country (arab, and in the midst of civil war).

  3. Texana says:

    We should petition the US State Department to intercede with the so-called Syrian rebels. Our US tax dollars are funding the weapons to them and aiding the transfer of rebels and arms through Turkey.

  4. StJude says:

    I am praying for him.

  5. JuliB says:

    The last FB post was from March 12 saying he’d be released soon. I posted asking for an update…

  6. ladytatslace says:

    The Facebook page mentions 2 Priests were kidnapped, the other being a Greek Orthodox. Does anyone know if the other Priest is still being held?

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  8. onosurf says:

    When I was young, I remember my Dad telling me that the Catholic Church never pays ransoms, ever. This is one of the reasons catholic priest never get kidnapped is because would-be kidnappers know they won’t get a ransom. Is this true?

  9. JuliB says:

    From a FB post 14 hours ago:

    There is no proof that things are getting better. but one of his companions believes that he will be freed in one week time… let us continue to pray in this Holy Week for this special intention…

  10. CatherineTherese says:

    Any news here? Oh my heart is sick over this. Praying for his safe release, his protection under the Blessed Mother’s mantle, and for his strength in faith. Please share any updates.

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