A heterogeneous catalyst has been increased in the Church

smoke_satanYou have to have your feet… knees planted firmly on the ground these days to maintain equilibrium as the atmosphere becomes more and more toxic.

Stay close to the Sacraments.

The Belgian “We Kill You™” Brothers of Charity, are defying the Holy See to continue their policy of  euthanasia for non-terminal psychiatric patients..  HERE

De Belgische tak van de Broeders van Liefde blijft achter haar visietekst staan rond euthanasie bij psychiatrische patiënten die niet terminaal zijn. De raad van bestuur meent ook nadrukkelijk dat die visie strookt met de leer van de Katholieke Kerk. Dat heeft Raf De Rycke, voorzitter van de vzw Provincialaat der Broeders van Liefde, gezegd op een persconferentie.

The Swiss Bishops “We Are Full Of Holes™” Conference has issued a document dealing with the infamous issues opened by Amoris laetitia.  HERE

7.       Apprendre à intégrer

L’Église pour tous

À la suite du pape François, nous prônons également une culture de l’intégration et de la compassion (cf. AL 296), y compris pour les couples et les familles en situation objective de rupture ou d’inadéquation à la norme de l’Église. Dans cette perspective, il est toujours possible « [qu’] on puisse vivre dans la grâce de Dieu […] et qu’on puisse également grandir dans la vie de la grâce et dans la charité, en recevant à cet effet l’aide de l’Église » (AL 305), et que dans certains cas, il puisse s’agir de l’aide des sacrements (cf. AL notes 336 et 351).

Une logique de l’intégration

Nous invitons donc à préférer en tous temps la logique de l’intégration à celle de l’exclusion : « “Deux logiques parcourent toute l’histoire de l’Église : exclure et réintégrer […]. La route de l’Église, depuis le Concile de Jérusalem, est toujours celle de Jésus : celle de la miséricorde et de l’intégration […]. La route de l’Église est celle de ne condamner personne éternellement ; de répandre la miséricorde de Dieu sur toutes les personnes qui la demandent d’un cœur sincère […Car] la charité véritable est toujours imméritée, inconditionnelle et gratuite !” » (AL 296)

It’s coming faster and faster on every front.  It is as if a heterogeneous catalyst has been increased in the Church.

No, wait.  I think we have an image already.

“Through some crack the smoke of Satan has entered into the temple of God.”

Paul VI, 29 June 1972, the 9th anniversary of his coronation

I’m heading to church now to say Mass.

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  1. Amerikaner says:

    They’ve sledgehammered that crack into a 4 lane highway…

  2. ususantiquor says:

    (Yes, I know I misspelled my own username)

    This would seem incredible, except in our three trips to Switzerland, we have yet to be present at a single proper celebration of the Mass–and that includes the FSSP Mass we attended in Zurich this summer. The congregation sang four hymns in German at different points in the mass and the Domine non sum dignus was recited all three times in German. What’s going on with the FSSP’s commitment to restore the Usus Antiquior to its rightful heirs–the People of God. I do not understand.

  3. KateD says:

    Father – Open a window and turn on a fan! Maybe light a match…lol

    Ususantiquior- Try Einsiedeln. The Mary fountain has been credited with miraculous healings. Nice library, too! They let you flip through the old books:)


  4. Ocampa says:

    The Traditional Latin Mass can seal the crack and blow out the smoke…to be replaced with holy incense!

  5. Amos says:

    Welcome to 50 years ago.

  6. Ave Crux says:

    Father, I couldn’t translate the Belgian quote, but I could read the one from the Swiss Bushops, and a wave of nausea hit me as I did.

    THANK YOU for your priestly presence and accessibility online. It’s the one blog I go to each day to read a faithful priest’s analysis of the chaos, anarchy and dizzying disorientation (there are many other terms that could be added to describe it) inundating the Church like a tsunami now.

    There are many credible lay apologists who are commenting online regarding these ongoing developments, and with much insight and helpful critique.

    However, a priest has a special charism from God to guide the faithful and it is comforting to have daily access to such guidance in times like these.

    Thank you for helping us on this way.

  7. Moro says:

    Ususantiquor- You are not alone. I was in Basel two years ago and was surprised by the use of German at the Domine Non Sum dignus, including the priest. All I can guess is the bishop ordered it, but I don’t know. The enemies of the faith are far too close for comfort.

  8. majuscule says:

    Father, I am glad you are in Rome right now. I am praying for you (and all priests).

  9. Tom A. says:

    How UN-Catholic must the situation get before faithful Catholics heed St Paul’s warning to “let them be anathema?”

  10. Traductora says:

    I like the phrase “heterogenous catalyst.” Actually quite a brilliant phrase.

    The Brothers were opposed to this and got only tepid and grudging support from the Vatican. The hospital is run by a lay board, and I hope the brother superior resigns over this.

    But this can all be explained by the fact that Francis has abandoned Christianity and adopted the sex-based, utilitarian Freudianism as his rule to live by. Many prople ignored his recent gushing about his visits to his “Jewish psychoanalyst ” (his words), but this was his way of saying she was a Freudian analyst. Freud and Marx together are absolutely the death blow to Western culture. But while Marx is responsible for 100s of millions of physical deaths, Freud is probably responsible for that number squared of spiritual deaths. And stupid, undereducated but power crazed Francis is his adherent, and we’re seeing the results now with this hideous utilitarian view of human life that is expressed in euthanasia.


  12. Reginald Pole says:

    Ave Crux: here’s the Belgian quote. Prepare to be nauseated again.
    “The Belgian branch of the Brothers of Charity remains behind its vision of euthanasia in non-terminal psychiatric patients. The board also concludes emphatically that this view is consistent with the doctrine of the Catholic Church. So said Raf De Rycke, chairman of the Association of the Brothers of Charity, at a press conference.”
    Brothers of Charity, what a misnomer.

  13. hwriggles4 says:

    About the decision by the Brothers of Charity in Belgium, this happened around mid to late August. I heard this story on Catholic Radio (I think it was the pro life update on EWTN), as i was driving to the VA hospital on Sunday the 27th. Pope Francis expressed publicly great disappointment with these Brothers – yes, he did. It’s too bad the drive by media did not pick this up on the news wire, probably because Pope Francis upheld the Sanctity of Life.

    For what it is worth, I am sure information on Pope Francis expressing his view can be found using a search engine. The National Catholic Register might have carried this, since they are owned by EWTN.

  14. pmullane says:

    Hagan Lio indeed.

    This is the problem when you make following rules optional, you cant then control which rules other decide not to follow. What a sorry state we are in.

  15. Maineman1 says:

    I refuse to send my girls to secular public school, but I am equally terrified of Modern Catholic schools.

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