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ACTION ITEM & BOOK NOTICE: A “how to” manual of ceremonies for the PRE-1955 TRIDUUM and PENTECOST! Wherein Fr. Z rants on the times we are in, books you should buy, and why you should buy them.

I have an action item for you.  Below, I am pushing a couple of books, one old and one new.  Here on my treasure chest, this blog, I am channeling my inner Matthew 13:52. But first, a rant from your … Read More

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7 April – Holy Mass (TLM) Tuesday of Holy Week – LIVE VIDEO: 1200h CDT (GMT/UTC -5) – With homily

Will you please subscribe to my channel? HERE I will LIVE stream a Traditional Latin Mass at NOON Central Daylight Time (= GMT/UTC -5 and ROME 1900h). The Mass formulary will be for Tuesday in Holy Week. Today’s intention: Miraculous … Read More

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Does anyone have a 1959 Cantus Passionis? Post-1955?

You know what would be really useful? A reprint of the 1959 Cantus Passionis. I think that was the last version published before the Flood struck. It could be that the traditional movement is heading in the direction of the … Read More

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BOOKS RECEIVED JUST IN TIME! Useful liturgical books for the entire year and for Holy Week

A couple days ago I received package from the nice folks at Preserving Christian Publications. “What”, quoth I, “could be in here?” Whereupon, I set it on the counter, got distracted and didn’t open it for a couple of days. … Read More

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FATHERS! Traditional Holy Week Call For Help.

Having been lead by the Sprit into the desert, I feel compelled to put out some feelers. We of the TMSM would like to be able to facilitate Solemn liturgies in the traditional Roman Rite for Holy Week, at least … Read More

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Dumb down liturgy. Great idea, right?

I seriously object to the dopey notion that liturgy has to made “understandable”. First, liturgical worship involves mysteries, such as that one about Christ turning the substances of bread and wine into His Body and Blood. How is that easy? … Read More

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Wednesday of Holy Week: The Whole Megillah

During Holy Week, in the traditional Roman Rite we read or sing all four Gospel accounts of the Passion of the Lord. Tomorrow, Spy Wednesday, we read or sing the whole Passion according to Luke.  Mass can get a little … Read More

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WDTPRS: Palm Sunday – The Transforming Example

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.  The Sacred Triduum (triduum from tres dies – “three day space”) were once days of obligation when people were freed from servile work so that they could attend the liturgies, once celebrated … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can the pre-1955 Holy Week Rites be used?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Is there a specific rule banning the use of the pre-55 holy week rites, and really the pre-55 missal as a whole? Or may a priest use it if he desires? Some say, and with good reason, that … Read More

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Ever parish needs a crotalus or two!

Thinking ahead to the Triduum?  Perhaps it will be this year that Father changes out the bells after the Gloria on Holy Thursday to the crotalus or “ratchet”, the harsh wooden noisemaker. In some places a wooden gizmo with little hammers … Read More

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WDTPRS Holy Tuesday Prayer over the people: of slithering

A long-time reader and WDTPRS supporter wrote with a question about today’s Oratio super populum in the 2002MR.  As you know, with the 2002MR the “Prayer over the people was resurrected after its 30 years in tomb Bugnini and company … Read More

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WDTPRS Tuesday in Holy Week: strengthening our grasp on Christ, His grasp on us

[A special note for priests alone at the end.  Nobody else look! o{];¬) ] COLLECT (2002MR): Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, da nobis ita dominicae passionis sacramenta peragere, ut indulgentiam percipere mereamur. This prayer was in the 1962MR on Tuesday of Holy … Read More

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Getting ready for Palm Sunday

We are getting ready for Palm Sunday.

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YOUR Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Give us a description of Palm Sunday at your parish as well as what is going on during Holy Week before the Triduum begins. For my part, I will be involved with the Palm Sunday in the Extraordinary Form at … Read More

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Books for singing the Passion during Holy Week in the Extraordinary Form

My friend Jeffrey Tucker – who just a few says ago found me a version of the Apostle’s Creed in Latin with chant notation for a project I was working on – has posted at Chant Cafe an entry about … Read More

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Lent and Passiontide: Dying with the Church

Some time ago, I wrote a description of what happens in the Churches liturgy during Lent and how the liturgical changes should reflect our Lenten experience. I bring this up because we are well into Lent and Passiontide is around … Read More

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