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More bad news from the Vatican. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Ed Pentin reports on more fresh hell from the Vatican. What this boils down to, I think, is demonic gender bending theory and eventual ruthless population control/reduction through contraception (willing or not), sterilization (willing or not), and euthanasia (willing or … Read More

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Complete horror show of public schools. Truly frightening.

This afternoon I listen in total horror about the Milwaukee public school system.  The Rush of Milwaukee and Madison, Vicki McKenna (one of the best talk show hosts anywhere) had on a rep from MacIver Institute: The Free Market Voice … Read More

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Wisconsin: Victory for free speech v. demonic gender ideology, homosexualist agenda

There are some good things happening in Wisconsin, not the least of which are the growing number of priests who say the Traditional Latin Mass and the places where the TLM is celebrated.  For example, on Sunday, we will have … Read More

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3 June – St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs, victims of homosexual depravity

While today is, in the traditional calendar of the Roman Rite, the Vigil of Pentecost, in the Ordinary Form calendar today is the feast of St. Charles Lwanga and companions, murder victims and martyrs of homosexual depravity. Today we might … Read More

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WAR! Pope Francis on marriage’s enemy: Gender Theory

In October 2015 Card. Sarah said during the Synod on the Family (HERE):  What Nazi-Fascism and Communism were in the 20th century, Western homosexual and abortion Ideologies and Islamic Fanaticism are today. We fought wars against Nazism and Communism. We … Read More

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“demonic gender ideology”

Another note in the wake of the wonderful National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. During his speech, Card. Sarah referred to “demonic ‘gender ideology’“. I think we should all start using this description whenever the topic comes up. From the LifeSite report … Read More

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