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Google Staff about SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh: ‘F—. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’

I’m entirely convinced that this blog is badly treated by Google. From Newsbusters: Google Staff Reacts to Kavanaugh: ‘F—. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’ It’s hard to believe that people with political agendas are capable of building unbiased products. Google certainly … Read More

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“The roll was called, and it sounded like the gates of hell opened up.”

From PJMedia comes this insightful comment on the Left: Kavanaugh Foes Fill Senate Gallery With Sounds of the Insane I’ll charm the air to give a sound, While you perform your antic round. – MacBeth I was in the Senate … Read More

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@JamesMartinSJ close association with “comedian” whose writer is “glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life”

Homosexualist activist and Jesuit Fr. James Martin, LGBTSJ, calls himself the “Show Chaplain” for the execrable and only occasionally amusing Stephen Colbert.  HERE and HERE Here’s something for the “Show Chaplain” to Colbert Report, Colbert’s former show before taking over a … Read More

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Left freaks out over SCOTUS pick. Hilarious tweets ensue.

On this 150th anniversary of the 14th Amendment, the smears against newly nominated Judge Kavanaugh have begun. BTW… it doesn’t matter that the Left knows that that has nothing to do with Roe v. Wade: that issue always whips up … Read More

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