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I stop looking at news for a couple days and BAMMO! All sorts of weird breaks out.

As I have been traveling, I have not been following a lot of news, ecclesial or secular.   Today, however, some stories invaded and I paid attention. I have really limited time at the moment, so I will give you … Read More

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Card. Eijk: Pope Francis should create clarity about ‘Amoris laetitia’

UPDATE: I note that Mark de Vries has a better translation than the one someone has provided so far:  HERE (In Dutch, the word for ‘thus’, and an informal word for ‘sister’ consisting of its first syllable, are homonyms…) ____ … Read More

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Not more Catholic than the Popes

In case you have forgotten already, it’s the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity!  I am sure that you have participated in many meaningful celebrations. In the Low Countries, however, a shadow has been cast over this august occasion. Protestants are … Read More

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