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What marriage is and what it isn’t

I have turned back the clock to June 2016 to find a post at the blog of canonist Ed Peters, who also – to our benefit – comments on these electronic pages. Peters breaks it down Barney style so that … Read More

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Health benefits of marriage v. cohabitation

We all know… or should know… that we cannot lie to God. Apparently we can’t lie to ourselves either.  God made us that way. A priest friend in the great state of Texas sent this to me from Live Science: … Read More

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Bishops must speak upalatable truths

First preliminary point. I have often suggested prayer not only for priests but for bishops. The Enemy of our souls hates priests, and hates bishops even more. Their burdens are very heavy and their mistakes can have grave consequences. They … Read More

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Archbp. Sheehan (Santa Fe), his Pastoral Letter on Cohabitation, a liberal reaction, and my interlinear rant

H.E. Most Rev. Michael Sheehan Archbishop of Santa Fe, NM has issued a Pastoral Care of Couples Who are Cohabitating. Archbp. Sheehan had this letter read in all parishes of that Archdiocese. I think this pastoral letter could be seen … Read More

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