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Tall Poppy Syndrome and two American Bishops

A couple of bishops have raised their heads in defiance of contemporary Tall Poppy Syndrome. First, Most Rev. Daniel R. Jenky issued a letter to his subjects in the Diocese of Peoria.  He kindly allows us to eavesdrop by putting … Read More

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Archbp. Sheehan (Santa Fe), his Pastoral Letter on Cohabitation, a liberal reaction, and my interlinear rant

H.E. Most Rev. Michael Sheehan Archbishop of Santa Fe, NM has issued a Pastoral Care of Couples Who are Cohabitating. Archbp. Sheehan had this letter read in all parishes of that Archdiocese. I think this pastoral letter could be seen … Read More

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Bp. Tobin (D. Providence) on Pres. Obama’s speech in Tucson! NOT impressed!

The newspaper of the Diocese of Providence, RI, has a column by His Excellency Most Rev. Thomas J. Tobin.  We have heard from Bp. Tobin before (here and here). My emphases and comments. The President’s Speech; Why I Wasn’t Impressed … Read More

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The Phoenix Hospital conflict and the Magisterium of Nuns

The Motley Monk has best summary I have seen so far (here and here – I am integrating his work here, but you should go there and read) of what is going on with the dust-up in Phoenix, Arizona between … Read More

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A forgotten award

His Hermeneuticalness reminded me of a great award for certain bishops. In this case, Fr. Finigan awarded it to Bp. Robert Morlino of Madison, WI. Good award.  Good choice. In the meantime, also with a tip of the biretta   … Read More

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