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100th anniversary of “Terror, terror, and more terror”

Be sure to read Sam Gregg’s super piece at CWR on the 100th anniversary of the Communist revolution in Russia… which had the focus of Our Lady at Fatima. A taste: Herein we come face-to-face with the true nature of … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Address: 10 years later

Has it been 10 years already?   Job 7:6!  John Allen at Crux reminded me of the anniversary. Ten years ago Benedict XVI delivered his famous Regensburg Address which sparked huge controversy over his inclusion of the example of Islam … Read More

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Sam Gregg: False mercy and emotivism

At Catholic World Report, we find an article by Sam Gregg of Acton Institute. Here is a sample from his article… Three Counterfeits of Mercy […] Mercy as Sentimentalism Like everyone else, Christians are influenced by the social climate in … Read More

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Sam Gregg on Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Address 10 years after

Run, don’t walk, to read Sam Gregg’s latest at Catholic World Report. Gregg writes about Benedict XVI’s amazing Regensburg Address, 10 years later. He also examines the implications/results of the loss of reason across various sectors of the West. Teachers: … Read More

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Sam Gregg on the rise of young, fearless, dynamically orthodox Catholicism… in FRANCE!

Here is another – stop what you are doing and read this – article. At Catholic World Report there is a piece by Sam Gregg about what’s going with a rise in France  of … Catholicism.  It is packed with interesting … Read More

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Sam Gregg on “primacy of conscience”

Sam Gregg of Acton Institute has a great piece today at Crisis about the topic of “conscience”.  My emphases. An Archbishop and the Catholic Conscience Conscience is one of those subjects about which numerous Catholics today are, alas, sadly misinformed. Despite … Read More

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