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No vaccination? No confession! NJ parish now exercises the “power of the syringes” – UPDATE

UPDATE 29 March: It seems that an option for confessions for the non-jabbed has been added to the schedule. I note with fascination that, although the priest there seems to be extremely worried about infectious penitents, he will have “face … Read More

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D. Trenton: Guardians of the Altar

Watch the libs have a spittle-flecked nutty about this one! I see that at the Cathedral of the Diocese of Trenton, where Bp. David O’Connell reigns, there is a group called the “Guardians of the Altar”.  This, according to the … Read More

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Brick by brick in Trenton

A friend sent photos of what may have been the first Solemn Mass in Trenton for… well.. since… you know. I’m told that some 650 people attended the Solemn Mass at the Church of St. Anthony in Hamilton, NJ. The … Read More

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Brick by Brick in Trenton, NJ – EF joy!

For your “Brick by Brick” file, comes this from Trenton, NJ. Several people wrote to me about about this. There is a newly-established Latin Mass at St. Anthony’s in Trenton at 12:15 pm every Sunday. St. Anthony’s is located in … Read More

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Schism in New Jersey

The Fathers of the Church had a real horror of schism.  Schismatics were dissenters who causes disunity.  Jerome wrote: Between heresy and schism there is this difference, that heresy perverts dogma, while schism, by rebellion against the bishop, separates from … Read More

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