Brick by Brick in Trenton, NJ – EF joy!

For your “Brick by Brick” file, comes this from Trenton, NJ. Several people wrote to me about about this.

There is a newly-established Latin Mass at St. Anthony’s in Trenton at 12:15 pm every Sunday. St. Anthony’s is located in Hamilton, NJ.

A Schola Cantorum is also in the works, with hopes to begin weekly sung Masses after Christmas.

Writers gave high praise to Bishop David O’Connell.

Fr. Brian Woodrow is the “Diocesan Liason to the Extraordinary Form” (not sure what that means). The first Low Mass was well attended, and was followed by a catered “convivium“.

There was an article about the new apostolate in the diocesan paper HERE.

I believe this project is connected to a good initiative I wrote about some time ago, HERE.

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  1. BV says:

    Yes, Fr. Woodrow, he must be the one I recently mentioned was “in training” at Mater Ecclesiae and who will help establish the Extraordinary Form in various places in our diocese (I didn’t recall the name, but this must be him). I was at the early morning Low Mass at Mater Ecclesiae one day last month, with friends whose 5-year old is there for CCD. Fr. Woodrow was to be celebrating his first High Mass later that morning.

  2. Bryan Boyle says:

    Yippee! 5 miles from my home across the Calhoun Street bridge to Trenton! Could not have imagined this happening under +Smith or his immediate predecessor. Deo gratis! Fr. Z…you have another place to exercise your EF chops when you come to visit the area…;)

  3. One must NEVER forget the heroic efforts of the EF group who have prayed and had the EF said, first at St. Dorothea’s in Eatontown, and then at St Catherine Laboure in Middletown, NJ since July of 2001. Father Daniel Hesko is pastor of the latter parish (the former is a Korean mission parish that had the group run off) He had to reschedule Masses to accomodate the group, which the most recent occupant of the episcopal throne disliked immensely and did everything that he could to get rid of it. Father Hesko is a wonderful priest and was assisted by Father Anthony D’Andry until his untimely death two years ago. The EF exists at this parish alongside the NO, which Father Hesko prays as it should be done. (His DRE, on the other hand….. well, since she believes that the Nazis got their start in the churches of Bavaria and that His Holiness Pius XII was complicit with them, need I say more?) Maybe Father Hesko should be visited next time, or at least included in the Mater Ecclesia gatherings of the Tretnon priests- you would enjoy meeting him. Father Hesko has taken a poor parish and turned it around in a little over ten years and is a good and holy priest. Remember him in your prayers and intentnions- he fights for the Church and Her teachings and his sermons are not to be missed. I wish my current pastor in Medina, OH were as good as Father Hesko.

  4. BV says:

    I have been watching Bishop O’Connell pretty closely since he became our bishop in Trenton. So far I am pretty pleased by much of what I see. Here is an article about the 125th anniversary of St. Michael’s in Long Branch, NJ with a photo showing His Excellency looking very “Bishopy”

    I just hope that it doesn’t take too long for the EF to be established in my town (one of the places where it is planned).

  5. Paul says:

    This is in “my” diocese, so I’m very happy to hear the news! May the EF spread further and faster.

  6. bmccoy says:

    I am so glad this is happening at my parish! It’s almost too good to be true.

  7. wolfeken says:

    This is the church where I was baptized, made my first confession and received first holy communion. Deo gratias!!!

    There was an unfortunate renovation after the former pastor (the great Monsignor Michael McCorristen) died — let us hope the full altar rail still exists and can be returned (currently just the far ends of the rail remain). Many thanks to all of those in central Jersey who worked and prayed hard for this day.

    Kenneth John Wolfe

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