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25 March is Dantedì… Dante Day.

I would be remiss were I not to mention that Italy – and the whole world – is celebrating a Year of Dante.   2021 is the 700th anniversary of the death of arguably the greatest of all poets.  The English … Read More

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If you don’t know your catechism… don’t know your Homer… your Dante… well….

Today is one of those days when there are several good reads on the interwebs.  I can recommend two more from Crisis both from today. First, there is an important piece from Aaron Seng, “The Catechism Crisis”.  He is the head … Read More

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Two good commentaries today on the works of @JamesMartinSJ

There are two good recent commentaries available about the dark works of the relentless Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin. At Crisis there is a piece by Kevin Wells which compares Martin’s works to those of Fred Rogers.   My emphases. Mr. Rogers, a … Read More

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A Pope in hell? The curious case of St. Pope Peter Celestine V

Today is the feast of St. Peter Celestine, Pope Celestine V, who famously resigned the papacy. One of the fascinating people in our Catholic family history. Pietro da Morrone, born c. 1215, in the Molise area of central Italy, came … Read More

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What sort of Dantesque contrapasso does this uber-PC group deserve?

You think you’ve heard nearly every stupid thing there is to hear and then someone even stupider comes along and lowers the bar again. From the Daily Telegraph: Dante’s Divine Comedy ‘offensive and should be banned’ The classic work should … Read More

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PODCAzT 104: A glimpse of heaven, “the Love that moves the sun and other stars”

No eye has seen and no ear has heard what God has prepared for those who attain the bliss of heaven. Christ has won for us the most precious gift of all: membership in the Kingdom of God. It is … Read More

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