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ASK FATHER: Is the will really “fixed” at death or do we get another chance?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Is death truly definitive in terms of divine judgement? There is a priest who spoke on the Patrick Coffin show (Fr. Chris Alar) that says that after we die we are given a chance to choose … Read More

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Are we in the “end times”? Live as if we are.

Since the Lord Ascended to the right hand of the Father, Christians have felt themselves to be in the “end times”.  Indeed, we are in the “end times”.  The Lord achieved His victory. Now it is all over but for … Read More

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Malaysian Airlines 17, Death and You

The black boxes from Malaysian Airlines 17 might indicate that the pilots attempted a vain evasion. I doubt it. I suspect that exploding death was sudden. Who knows who may have survived the initial blast and remained conscious for some … Read More

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Boston’s Wake

In your charity, please pray for the victims in Boston and for their loved ones. As some prepare for wakes, this is a wake up call for a country and for families and individuals. One of the most important petitions … Read More

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Alfred Hitchcock – Catholic

Who can fathom the graces God offers as death draws near to us? Some people are given the great gift of courage not to wait too long to become a Catholic, sometimes after a long time thinking about it. John … Read More

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Artist Daniel Mitsui’s VERY COOL new art, including a “Four Last Things”. (Fr. Z rants a little.)

The artist Daniel Mitsui, in his newsletter, indicates that he has new art, including a representation of the Glorious Mysteries (a nice gift to a priest after Easter) and – this really caught my eye – the Four Last Things! … Read More

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Do you believe in the Enemy of the soul and in the eternal punishment of Hell?

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald comes this with my emphases and comments: The Globe’s flat Doctor Faustus shows belief in the Devil is fading Marlowe’s mighty drama about salvation is reduced to the level of a … Read More

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