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Remind me. Whose administration went after the Little Sisters of the Poor?

I watched the first debate last night between Pres. Trump and former-VP Biden. It was not edifying. There was a line, however, that said a lot to me, how on one side, the dem side, they just make things up. … Read More

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CHICAGO: 26 September – Essential Debate Day FOOD Edition!

I am in Chicago.  More exactly, I am in Park Ridge, the city where the worst of the presidential candidates grew up!  I will be here tonight and will watch the first presidential debate with friends. There will be cooking. … Read More

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“Bitter clash”? In your dreams, liberals.

At the liberal US Catholic I saw a piece from the RNS, rarely anything but left-leaning, there is a completely irresponsible claim about the book on marriage about which I have written several times. Here is the offending quote. VATICAN … Read More

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An observation about Pres. Obama and the 1st debate

I was listening to Bill Bennett this morning (Hi, Dr. Bennett!) and heard one of his readers make a great but scary point. The feckless Pres. Obama we heard last night in the debate is the same feckless Pres. Obama … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z Makes a Suggestion for the Vice-Presidential Candidates’ Debate

Other people are starting to comment about an upcoming vice-presidential candidates’ debate. I have a suggestion. Perhaps the organizers should have something like the “mercy rule” used in some sports.   You know the rule: when one team runs up … Read More

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