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The ‘c’atholic Biden Problem

How does one participate in the sin of another person?  We sin through another person’s actions by … counsel command consent provocation praise or flattery concealment partaking silence the defense of the ill done 1. Counsel: If you tell or advise … Read More

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Archbp. Chaput: a smaller Church of fewer believers rather than compromise orthodoxy

Every once in a while people opine about whether or not it would be good (and not just inevitable) to have a smaller, leaner, more faithful Church rather than one filled (mainly?) by mere cultural Catholics or CINOs. Benedict XVI … Read More

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VP Biden officiated at “same-sex wedding”. Where are his pastors?

The other day, pro-abortion, “practicing Catholic”, democrat Vice President Joe Biden performed a same-sex civil “marriage”. In effect, Biden gave the digitus infamis to the Catholic Church. Canonist Ed Peters has observations about this scandalous flipping of the proverbial bird.  HERE … Read More

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Multiple sins of the NETWORK nuns exposed

Even though the culture wars are over and a new morning has dawned, I want you all to click HERE and read carefully a piece at the National Catholic Register by Anne Carey about the “Nuns on the Bus”. The … Read More

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VP Biden, theologian and exegete, strikes again

I was sent a link to something at The Right Scoop: it is a video of Vice President Biden, theologian.  You will need an emesis basin or a bag of some sort if you watch it. There is an annoying … Read More

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Biden and Pelosi received Communion at Pope Francis’ Mass. Can. 915? WHEN?

Pro-abortion catholic Democrats Rep. Nancy Pelosi and VP Joe Biden received Holy Communion at Pope Francis Mass for the beginning of his pontificate on 19 March. Canonist Ed Peters has this at his good blog about canon law. Nancy Pelosi will … Read More

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VP Biden’s last ditch effort to fool Catholics. Revolting.

From LifeNews: Pro-Abortion Biden Claims He’s a “Practicing Catholic” In New Ad by Steven Ertelt In a last-ditch effort to get Catholic voters to support pro-abortion President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, who also backs abortion, has released a new … Read More

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Liberals only invoke their Catholicism when it agrees with their Leftism

Radio talk-show great Dennis Prager analyzes pro-abortion catholic VP Joe Biden’s abortion response during the debate.  HERE. A taste…. Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism? In the vice presidential debate, the two candidates, both Roman Catholics, were asked about their religious … Read More

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VP Biden: Planned Parenthood “under law cannot perform any abortions”.

I subscribe to the plan of voting for the most conservative candidate who has a real chance to win. The candidate might not be perfect, but, as the young papist Tom Peters put it today, imperfect is better than evil. … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z Makes a Suggestion for the Vice-Presidential Candidates’ Debate

Other people are starting to comment about an upcoming vice-presidential candidates’ debate. I have a suggestion. Perhaps the organizers should have something like the “mercy rule” used in some sports.   You know the rule: when one team runs up … Read More

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VP Biden and the Sisters share cookies and ice-cream. No, I am not making this up.

You can’t make up this sort of thing. This is also in secular papers (because they are organs of the Obama campaign) but I found this on Life News. Biden brings cookies and ice cream to LCWR president’s motherhouse BY … Read More

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Joe Biden: Theologian!

A priest friend of mine, one of the 5 smartest people I know, has for many years referred to now Vice President Joe Biden as the dumbest man in the Senate.  I have sometimes argued in favor of one or … Read More

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VP Biden’s unnatural-marriage gaffe is mess for the White House

What more can one say about catholic pro-abortion Joe Biden, now VPOTUS?  He makes any effort at mocking him redundant. From WaPo Opinion: Vice President Biden’s gay-marriage gaffe is mess for White House By Dana Milbank, Published: May 7 If … Read More

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Amy Sullivan about V.P. Biden’s papal audience

Time Magazine has a section online named “Swampland”, which seems appropriate for pretty much the whole publication. Here is some “insight” from one Amy Sullivan, who has alas received our attention before, here. Joe Biden’s Secret Meeting with the Pope … Read More

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