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Non-Catholics and Catholics alike wonder about changes to CCC 2276 on death penalty

Non-Catholics and Catholics alike are drilling into the decision of Pope Francis to change Catechism of the Catholic Church 2267, which now says that capital punishment is “inadmissible”.  He does not say that it is intrinsically evil, which would be crystal clear.  … Read More

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Prager on “Why a Good Person Can Vote against Same-Sex Marriage”

Dennis Prager has a good post called: Why a Good Person Can Vote against Same-Sex Marriage Changing the definition of marriage is bad for society. By Dennis Prager I love this paragraph: The history of left-wing policies has largely consisted of … Read More

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Liberals only invoke their Catholicism when it agrees with their Leftism

Radio talk-show great Dennis Prager analyzes pro-abortion catholic VP Joe Biden’s abortion response during the debate.  HERE. A taste…. Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism? In the vice presidential debate, the two candidates, both Roman Catholics, were asked about their religious … Read More

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Dennis Prager: High School Principal’s Manifesto

In my email I received a forward of a piece written by American radio show host Dennis Prager, one of the smartest guys on the air. It may shock some of you to know that I am rather conservative.  When … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z offers a great guest rant by Dennis Prager

From a reader. Dennis Prager is one of the smartest people raising his voice in the public square. While I believe the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz, the US Army liberated other death camps.  That slight error does not touch on … Read More

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