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WDTPRS – The Doxology, Great Amen, and YOU: The mighty voice of the one True Priest

Here is my latest hecatomb for The Wanderer to which you may subscribe digitally. I worked my way through an examination of the new, corrected translation of the Order of Mass, including the Roman Canon.  Then I returned to look … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Elevation of chalice, paten during concelebrations.

From a reader: At a concelebrated Mass without a deacon, is it permitted / required / impermissible for one of the concelebrants to elevate the chalice while the main celebrant elevates the paten? First, allow me to say that concelebration … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Why is the Protestant “For the kingdom, the power, the glory…” in our Catholic Mass?

A reader asked: One of the things I like about the TLM [Traditional Latin Mass] is that we don’t have to pray like the Protestants Our Father.  Isn’t the fact that Bugnini and crowd put “For the kingdom, the power, … Read More

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CDW response to a dubium concerning role of priests and deacons at the Doxology

Also from the Newsletter of the USCCB’s Committee for Divine Worship, there was published a response to a dubium sent to the CDW in Rome. My brother priests who are interested in concelebration may be interested in this: Role of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: harmonizing with the priest during the doxology

From a reader: Please don’t think I’m a heretic, but I was at one of those great circumstances where multiple celebrants sang the last part of the Eucharistic prayer (which I think is the doxology). They sang it together and … Read More

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