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5 February: St. Agatha, Virgin and Martyr

Today is the feast of St. Agatha, a virgin martyr and saint of the Roman Canon. Agatha was martyred in Sicily in about 251 during the time of the Emperor Decius and her tomb is at Catania. In Rome there … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants and recommends a must read entry at NLM

The Council Fathers of Vatican II voted overwhelmingly to approve some few mandates that would result in a reform of the Roman Rite. A body was assembled to implement that reform.  It was operated by radical ideologues who had their … Read More

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ASK FATHER: At Mass ‘ad orientem’ why doesn’t the priest turn around for the Preface dialogue?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I recently attended my first ad orientem mass. It was an English Novus Ordo mass. One of the reasons given for the ad orientem orientation is that it better draws the distinction between the dialogues where … Read More

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REVIEW: Beautiful book on the female martyrs of the Roman Canon!

When I was living in Rome, I made a point to visit or, if possible, say Mass at churches or altars in Rome dedicated to all the saints of the Roman Canon.  Every day, since I read the Traditional Latin … Read More

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QUAERITUR: During “Sede Vacante” what must priests say in the Eucharistic Prayer now that there is no Pope?

UPDATE: Since the former Pope is alive – wow, that’s strange to write – priests and bishops can mention Benedict XVI’ name during the Memento of the Living in the Roman Canon. Father might say: “Memento, Domine, famulorum famularumque tuarum, Benedicti … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Do I say an “Amen!” in the 1st Eucharistic Prayer? POLL

From a reader: I have not spent too much time observing the four Eucharistic prayers but I recall that, particularly in the Roman Canon / Eucharistic Prayer I, the priest has the option of saying “Through Christ our Lord. Amen.” … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Translation of “benedixt” in the Roman Canon

From a reader: Would you consider doing a blog entry on the translation of “benedixit” as “said the blessing” in the new translation of the Roman Canon? I find this rendering a bit distracting as I can’t, with my basic … Read More

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A golden subject: Reclaiming silence in our churches. A Scotish bishop’s good insights.

The Bishop of Aberdeen, Scotland, has issued in interesting pastoral letter about the need to reclaim, indeed, “create” silence and, through silence, prayer.  The bishop, Most Rev. Hugh Gilbert, OSB, was once a monk and abbot of Pluscarden Abbey. He … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Epiclesis in the Roman Canon

From a priest reader: In my Wilfrid Diamond dictionary of liturgical latin, the entry for “epiclesis”, is f., says, “an invocation. The “Supra quae” in the Mass. In the Greek Church a calling down of the Holy Spirit.” Is the … Read More

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Remember: Father isn’t talking to you.

I was once accosted in St. Peter’s Basilica after my daily Mass by an angry modernist visiting American pants-suit, hair-do and lapel-pin sister … I guess angry was redundant, wasn’t it… who griped at me that she couldn’t hear the … Read More

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WDTPRS – The Doxology, Great Amen, and YOU: The mighty voice of the one True Priest

Here is my latest hecatomb for The Wanderer to which you may subscribe digitally. I worked my way through an examination of the new, corrected translation of the Order of Mass, including the Roman Canon.  Then I returned to look … Read More

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PODCAzT 115: Singing the Eucharistic Prayer; Fr. Z sings and rants

Inspired by a reader’s email question, I dug out my volume of the Ordo Missae in cantu to talk about and then sing the Roman Canon, 1st Eucharistic Prayer, in Latin.  So, this is also a PRAYERCAzT and an ASK … Read More

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