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14 April: St. Justin, martyr

Today is the feast of St. Justin, Martyr, who was killed in about 165. COLLECT (1962): Deus, qui per stultitiam crucis eminentem Iesu Christi scientiam beatum Iustinum Martyrem mirabíliter docuisti; eius nobis intercessione concede; ut, errorum circumventione depulsa, fidei firmitatem … Read More

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“No one may share in the Eucharist except those who believe in the truth of our teachings…”

A reading from the first apology of Justin Martyr in defense of the Christians, c. 100-165 No one may share in the Eucharist except those who believe in the truth of our teachings and have been washed in the bath … Read More

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WDTPRS – The Doxology, Great Amen, and YOU: The mighty voice of the one True Priest

Here is my latest hecatomb for The Wanderer to which you may subscribe digitally. I worked my way through an examination of the new, corrected translation of the Order of Mass, including the Roman Canon.  Then I returned to look … Read More

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PODCAzT 100: Benedict XVI, Pius XII, Justin Martyr and Fr. Z rants about liturgical abuse

Here is PODCAzT 100.  I wasn’t feeling very creative today, so I set out with the intention of simply reading to you about St. Justin Martyr (+165).  A selection of his 1st Apology is in the Liturgy of the Hours … Read More

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