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Essential Reading about the Mass and about Priesthood

Here is some essential reading about the Traditional Mass. The Traditional Mass: History, Form, and Theology of the Classical Roman Rite by Michael Fiedrowicz. US HERE – UK HERE Nothing Superfluous: An Explanation of the Symbolism of the Rite of St. Gregory the Great by Fr. … Read More

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Some reading for the road

As I prepare to make a trip, I find good reading is available. First, from The Catholic Thing: Drawing Bright Lines by David Carlin I’m an old man, and though I hope, and on certain days even go so far … Read More

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On the matter of “ad orientem” worship

Over a Southern Orders (you may remember their problem with rats) there is an excerpt from an article by my friend Fr. Uwe Michael Lang, CO, who presently works for the CDW in Rome.  Fr. Lang has been contributing good … Read More

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