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May they all be given special thorns until they come around.

This is what Huffington Post is offering on 24 February from the pen of the self-amused Larry Doyle. Larry Doyle is supposed to be a humor writer, a humorist.  He writes for sophomoric TV shows. I don’t know if he … Read More

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NEW WDTPRS MUG!: “Lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks”

You may recall that a nitwit at HuffPo called those who support the new, corrected translation “lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks”.   Some people clamored for a coffee mug with that phrase. I have obliged!  I wanted to see one, … Read More

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HuffPo: The REAL reason behind the new, corrected translation

Why, oh why, give time and attention to the loons of the Huffington Post?  One piece, sent by a reader who slogs through this rubbish so I don’t have to, merits a few minutes because it is emblematic of the … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! POLL ALERT at Huffington Post on new, corrected translation… imagine

At the ultra-liberal Huffington Post there is a poll about preferences concerning the new, corrected translation or the obsolete, bad translation. I ask readers to vote and I ask bloggers to pick this up as well. Remember: This is about … Read More

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Dr. Peters: indefatigable vivsectionist – CONTINUED and UPDATED

ORIGINAL: Published on: Feb 26, 2011 Dr. Ed Peters, canonist, may be able to add “indefatigable vivsectionist” to his CV if he keeps up this pace. A few days ago, he exposed problems in a statement from the Diocese of … Read More

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Catholic League responds to Huffington Post

With a title like that, you know it ain’t gonna be pretty. From the Catholic League: HUFFINGTON POST BLOGGER DEFAMES CATHOLICISM Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a Huffington Post blog post by Michele Somerville about New York State … Read More

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