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If government leaders in China can now choose bishops, then in these USA…

One of the best things I’ve seen on Twitter since Rome began the sellout of the Church in China. @Pontifex @MassimoFaggioli @CardinalDolan since China can now choose their own bishops. I propose that Donald Trump now be able to chose … Read More

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You’ve gotta hand it to SNL this time. VIDEO

Things that are funny, especially ironically or satirically funny, are so because they instantly recognizable kernels of the truth. You’ve gotta hand it to SNL this time.  They cut pretty close to the bone. More and more reasons for Summorum Pontificum.

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Irony abounds

I saw an e-cigarette for the first time the other day.  At least I saw one close up and knew what it was.  A little strange.  Apparently they help people stop smoking.  That’s good, right? Lo and behold, today I … Read More

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How the Catholic Left will support Pres. Obama’s attack on Syria.

I was going to write it, but over at CatholicVote (keep praying for Thom Peters’ complete recovery!), Matt Bowman beat me to it with a great look into the wacky world of the Fishwrap‘s (aka National Schismatic Reporter) support of … Read More

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Are you offended by the use of G-O-D?

From the amusing Eye Of The Tiber: Atheists Sue To Remove Letters “G”, “O”, And “D” From Alphabet Berkley, CA––The civil liberties organization American Atheists has sued the U.S. government to remove the letters “G,” “O,” and “D” from the … Read More

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If the supporters of Planned Parenthood buy this lie, they’ll buy anything!

It never ceases to amaze me how the left and liberals and catholics and pro-abortion types continue to insist that up is down, black is white, front is… you know…. Take a look at this piece from Life Site: Planned … Read More

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