If the supporters of Planned Parenthood buy this lie, they’ll buy anything!

It never ceases to amaze me how the left and liberals and catholics and pro-abortion types continue to insist that up is down, black is white, front is… you know….

Take a look at this piece from Life Site:

Planned Parenthood Prez Uses Tim Tebow to Promote Abortion
by Jennie Stone | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com

By now, most of the nation has an understanding of Tim Tebow’s incredible story—while his mother was pregnant with him in the Philippines, she became ill and was strongly urged to abort her son.

She refused. The 24-year-old Broncos quarterback has since become a “cultural touchstone” and a wholesome role model for everyone, especially our youth, in this depraved society.

Planned Parenthood CEO and President Cecile Richards writes to the NY Times that it is “[suggested] that Planned Parenthood does not celebrate birth or a remarkable story like Mr. Tebow’s.” There’s a laugh. I can’t recall a single instance where Planned Parenthood has openly and publicly celebrated the birth of a child, especially one born against all odds and difficult circumstances. Why would they, though? This would be a promotion of life, the antithesis of Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda.

“…the Tebow story exemplifies the health care environment that Planned Parenthood promotes — a world in which women and families are supported in the medical decisions they make for themselves and their families without government interference,” Richards writes.

Saying that Mrs. Tebow’s story “exemplifies” Planned Parenthood’s ideologies is one of the cruelest ironies I have ever heard. However, this isn’t the first time an abortion group has tried to use Tebow to try and push the pro-abortion rights agenda, nor the first time Richards has responded to his story by twisting this incredible story into one to promote the “choice” of abortion.


Read the rest over there.


What a weird and twisted imagination these people have.

Make sure your representative and senators at the state and the national level know that you don’t want Planned Parenthood to get even a wooden nickle of your tax dollars.

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  1. JohnE says:

    All parenthood is planned by God the Father.

  2. benedetta says:

    I believe this is a concerted, organized effort at the national and local levels by PP. Their latest tactic is to take what prolifers say and pretend they have always been for it. Not only have they not ever been for life but they still are promoting eugenics although they are noticeably trying to distance themselves from Sanger. Be alert out there for this and be ready to call them on their claims and their serious conflict of interest which is to build a big abortion clientele out of a generation.

  3. Joseph-Mary says:

    My representatives are democrats who support a woman’s ‘right to choose’ (to kill her unborn child)–writing to them is an exercise in futility.

    I stand to pray at an abortion mill. The chain of clinics in my area took the lives of over 10,000 in the past couple of years. The size of a small city. And tax dollars fund planned parenthood, one could say, to the tune of about a million dollars a death a year.

  4. Johnno says:

    Spoken like true politicians… I’m not surprised… I recall a story here where a commenter provided a link to some entertainment news outlet referring to a porn star ‘actress’ as a devout Catholic… These people are simply insane, and now they’re aiming to epand into Africa. Finally fulfilling Margaret Sanger’s Racist Dreams, and it’ll be America’s first coloured president who’ll take them there… THis world has always been topsy turvy and off in the head.

  5. Clinton says:

    Ms. Richards insists that PP is all about women being able to make choices. However,
    most of her clientele come to PP because they feel they have no choice but to abort. Does PP
    do anything to promote options for women who feel they have no choice but to have
    an abortion? Of course not. That would be counterproductive for a business which sees
    the vast majority of its profits come from providing abortions.

    I understand Ms. Richard’s resistance to any ‘government interference’ in the business of
    Big Abortion. Given the recent scandals of abortion mills operating under filthy conditions,
    with unqualified staff administering procedures for which they are not licensed, the persistent
    problem of counselors turning a blind eye to underage girls pregnant from statutory rape,
    and clinics ignoring evidence of human trafficking, I’d say it’s in PP’s best interest to obstruct
    government oversight as much as it can. I would note that Ms. Richards is, however, in no way
    adverse to receiving hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s dollars from a government she insists
    has no business interfering in her operation.

  6. Tom T says:

    I did exactly that Fr. Z. My Senator, a Catholic and pro-life Democrate whose father, when as Governor of our state, refused to go to the National convention because they would`nt let him speak about the abortion issue. I had a lot of respect for his father and when he ran he was the best choice I assumed the apple didn`t fall that far from the tree and I voted for him. Turns out he voted to fund Planned Parenthood and I emailed and told him what I thought of his vote and how ashamed I was for thinking he was the same as his father. He emailed and told
    me how much good they do for the medical needs of poor woman. I emailed him a video of an
    undercover operation that filmed Planned Parenthood Clinic advising illegal immigrant underage prostitutes how they can recieve free abortions and teatments for venereal disease from the Government. Never heard back from him but I took my cause to some of his supporters and also to
    the Neumann Society which did a follow up story on his being invited for a speech at a Catholic college. He ran as a pro-life canidate. You never know. Pax

  7. RitaElizabeth says:

    Planned Parenthood can take anything and twist it to their own evil ways. Their billboards are also a hoot — the one that says “Someone you know is in love” is the silliest.

  8. Gail F says:

    Tom T: I knew Casey had sold out when he DID get to speak at the DNC. The entire convention, and his speech, were quite clear about what place a “pro-life Democrat” had in the party… none. Sad but true, as many, many events have since demonstrated.

  9. Gretchen says:

    Just last month a friend without insurance found herself pregnant but not feeling well. She went to a local PP to get a sonogram to see if all was well.

    She was told that because she wanted to keep the baby their policy was not to do sonograms. They would only do sonograms if she was going to abort.

    My friend was very upset, and unfortunately, she lost her baby within a few days.

  10. Tom T says:

    Gail F,
    You are correct. Sadly they are all the same. That was the one and only time I ever voted for a Democrate. Never again. They just don`t stand up for what they believe in. Just look at the health care bill. Obama marched off a cliff and took the Democrates with him even though they knew it would cost them at mid-term elections, and it did. I could name a whole crew of would be cafeteria Catholics from Cuomo to Pelosi who supposedly go to Mass, recieve Holy Communion and then vote for abortion, same sex marriage and anything their party wants.
    I know two people who would say puiblicly how wrong that is here in Pa. Archbishop Chaput and the Bishop in Scranton whose name escapes me at the moment. The Bishop in Scranton refused to allow Biden`s wife take part in a public religious celebration due to their pro-choice attitudes. I wish we had more like them. Pax

  11. Maltese says:

    I may be a kill-joy, but the story of Tebow promotes heresy.

  12. Maltese says:

    I volunteered for Right for Life in New Mexico and, as an attorney, counseled a young couple (where the mom really wanted the girl to abort); but I counseled all parties involved.

    Swear to God, the father came to my house and said I saved his newborn baby girl’s life.

    Anyway, Planned Parenthood is a reprehensible institution; what other institution daily plans death of innocent human beings?

  13. Centristian says:

    “What a weird and twisted imagination these people have.”

    Well, yeah…this is the group that decided that the “problem” of black people in America should be solved through abortion and sterilization, thus eliminating that particular “problem”, so, yes…weird and twisted has kind of been their thing from the get go.

  14. “left and liberals and Catholics and pro-abortion types continue to insist that up is down, black is white”

    Isaiah 5 (Douay Rheims)
    20 Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

  15. NoTambourines says:

    Ask them what the world would be like if Steve Jobs’ mother aborted him. Or Eric Clapton’s mother. Then you wonder how many great minds and personalities have been lost to abortion since it was legalized. We’ll never know in this life how much poorer we are as a society.

    I saw an acquaintance share a comment on Facebook today going on about Premeditated Nonparenthood getting defunded in NH. They protested that the funding didn’t even go directly to abortions. Well, it stands to reason that any funding to an entity frees up money for something else. If you hand me a $20 bill, I might not spend that exact bill on a bottle of Jack Daniels, but it frees up a $20 I had committed somewhere else

    Worse yet, government funding of Planned Parenthood helps make it a monopoly. It’s broken my heart to hear Catholic health care workers I know protest potential de-funding because it’s allegedly the only game in town on other “reproductive” matters. They protest that only a tiny percentage of PP’s “services” involve abortion.

    My response is this: would we allow the government to fund, say, the Red Cross if, only a small percentage of the time, part of their operation involve taking a few people out back and shooting them?

    There needs to be an upstart, ethical organization provide an alternative to PP the way a conservative challengeer, AMAC, has arisen against AARP. We need a group that will provide legitimate OB-GYN services, but not the other stuff.

  16. Supertradmum says:

    Christ said that Satan was a liar, and Evil twists the Truth. This is despicable.

  17. Allan says:

    Ah, I see here the Father of Lies is at work, and sucking out the souls of the gullible.

  18. irishgirl says:

    Planned Parenthood is a despicable organization, and it SHOULD get defunded!
    That said, I was listening to the BBC World News Service on my radio a couple of nights ago in bed. One of the segments it runs is a history piece called ‘Witness’. This particular one focussed on the events leading up to the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion. There was a woman lawyer who was one of the protagonists before the court who gave her memories of what happened.
    When the decision was made in her favor on January 22, 1973, her office erupted in cheers! I heard that and, astonished, I said to myself, ‘They’re cheering for the murder of the innocent unborn! How can they DO THAT?’
    I was so disgusted! No wonder our country hasn’t been the same morals-wise!

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