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Zersetzung and the Pontifical Shunning of Prof. John Rist

I noted at LifeSite something which is personally upsetting.   It concerns a friend and old prof of mine at the Augustinianum, the Patristic Institute, in Rome.   Prof. Rist taught at the Augustinianum for years.  He is a serious and well-known … Read More

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BOOKS RECEIVED: @DouthatNYT on state the Church under Francis (terrific) – John Rist in Reading Augustine series (a scream)

John Rist is one of the best working scholars on Augustine and writers on ethics in the world.   His books are fantastic, but they are hard. Who is this guy?  HERE  He was also one of my profs in Rome. … Read More

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Edward Pentin’s next installment about last year’s Synod

“Innocent III could say crazy things, and almost no one would know until a year or so later! Now it’s two clicks and it’s gone around the blogosphere.” Everyone should pay attention to a new installment of Edward Pentin’s wrap … Read More

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IMPORTANT: THREE major Catholic media sources publish SAME response to Card. Kasper!

Something highly unusual and highly important happened today. An opinion piece, the same opinion piece, was published simultaneously in three media outlets, the UK’s best Catholic weekly The Catholic Herald, the National Catholic Register, and ZENIT. Two print and one internet only. … Read More

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John Rist: ‘You can’t pick and choose in Catholic moral teaching’

From CNS, something from an old prof of mine. I have written about Prof. Rist before. ‘You can’t pick and choose in Catholic moral teaching’ Posted on December 19, 2012 by Carol Glatz By Greg Watry VATICAN CITY (CNS) — … Read More

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Just to catch you up on what I’ve been doing.

Although I transferred the flag to Rome this morning at Oh-Dark-Hundred… … I wanted to catch up with the few pics and news about what has been going on. On Sunday, after some time with Fr. Finigan at Blackfen, we … Read More

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John Rist on the “white paper” from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Someone pointed out that Rod Dreher conveyed some remarks of a thinker to whom I do pay a great deal of attention. Apparently, John Rist, an eminent scholar of St. Augustine and a moral philosopher and ethicist, spoke about Caritas … Read More

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