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Online video course on St. Augustine’s “City of God” to begin on 2 November ’22

My friend Robert Royal of The Catholic Thing and excellent commentator often on EWTN is going to teach another online course. I followed his courses on Dante’s Divine Comedy and on Augustine’s Confessions, both of which were worthwhile for me, even though … Read More

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19 August – Sixtus III (Pelagian heretic?), other Sixti, and correspondence with Augustine

It is nice to make connections which show us how the Church was always alive throughout the centuries before our own time.  This is what the ideologues of the “spirit” of the Council want to disconnect and rupture. There are … Read More

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WDTPRS – 3rd Sunday of Lent (2002MR): Two wings of prayer

WARNING BELOW… Roman Station: St. Lawrence outside the walls An examination of our conscience is a humbling experience.  When we look to see who really are inside, we can have different reactions.  Sometimes we find things which frighten and discourage … Read More

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Pecknold on Biden on Augustine

I studiously avoided any coverage of the “inauguration” last week.  I have, after that, done my best to avert my eyes from news.   I did see that D.C. was turned into an armed bastion through the deployment of subsequently abused … Read More

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ASK FATHER: What is St. Augustine’s true name?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I have a number of volumes of St. Augustine’s writings, almost entirely English translations. However, I recently acquired a volume of his writings in Latin and the title page refers to him as “Sancti Aurelii Augustini.” … Read More

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BOOKS RECEIVED: @DouthatNYT on state the Church under Francis (terrific) – John Rist in Reading Augustine series (a scream)

John Rist is one of the best working scholars on Augustine and writers on ethics in the world.   His books are fantastic, but they are hard. Who is this guy?  HERE  He was also one of my profs in Rome. … Read More

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Bp. Schneider of Kazakhstan on Archbp. Lefebvre of the SSPX

The best English language vaticanista today is Edward Pentin.  He has an interview with Bp. Athanasius Schneider today at the National Catholic Register (that’s the good one that begins with “National”).  HERE The whole thing is worth reading. However, I … Read More

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WDTPRS – 6th Sunday of Easter (OF): We are risen, rising, and about to rise all at the same time

Here is this week’s Collect, for the 6th Sunday of Easter in the Ordinary Form: Fac nos, omnipotens Deus, hos laetitiae dies, quos in honorem Domini resurgentis exsequimur, affectu sedulo celebrare, ut quod recordatione percurrimus semper in opere teneamus. This … Read More

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PATRISTIBLOG: Augustine’s Sermons on 1 John – PART 1

You may remember my intention to work through St. Augustine’s sermons, or tractates, on 1 John. I think it is time to get at them. I am motivated in part because in these sermons, Augustine tackles, among other things, “enemy … Read More

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Benedict XVI to new bishops

The Holy Father recently addressed newly named and consecrated bishops during a workshop organized for them each year in Rome by the Congregation for Bishops. The Holy Father had some good insights for these new bishops about what it means … Read More

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