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REVIEW: The Lighthouse by Michael D. O’Brien

I was, I believe, on Prince Edward Island when the news that Mother Theresa had died. When I heard of that the Princess of Wales had died I was in bar having something to eat in, I believe, Glace Bay … Read More

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Irish “Mass Path”, for secret worship, mapped and photographed (and some BOOKS)

Occasionally a friend of mine in England makes weekend adventures to visit sites where there are preserved “priest holes”, and he sends photos.  They really give you pause.  As you know, in the 16th and 17th centuries, Catholics who refused … Read More

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Michael D. O’Brien’s new book: The Fool of New York City

Speaking of Michael D. O’Brien, I just finished reading his newest offering… The Fool of New York City US HERE – UK HERE This could be a good Christmas gift. No, you tender lib snowflakes out there.  It’s not about … Read More

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They don’t even try to hide it anymore: demonic ceremony for opening of new tunnel

From, from St. Paul to the Romans Who then shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation? Or distress? Or famine? Or nakedness? Or danger? Or persecution? Or the sword? (As it is written: For thy sake, we … Read More

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“The Belt of the Mother of God”

Here is a fascinating post from the Director of SPUC, Mr. John Smeaton.  Check out the very first part: Vladamir Putin turns to Mary to halt Russia’s population decline Under the headline “Mother of God’s Belt comes to Russia to … Read More

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REVIEW: The Father’s Tale by Michael D. O’Brien

A rapid book recommendation. I am reading the new novel by Michael O’Brien, author the Father Elijah (which if you haven’t read, get it and read it and then read his trilogy which connects back into it) and many others.  … Read More

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