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The German Synod (“walking together”): the culmination of German alienation from authentic Church renewal

My old friend Msgr Hans Feichtinger has a piece today at First Things about the clown-car of a synod (“walking together”) going on in that caput malorum omnium, Germany.  He’s German, though not working in Germany (lucky, he) and he knows what he … Read More

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They pretend it’s about language, but in reality it’s about content.

My good friend of many years, Msgr. Hans Feichtinger, has an excellent piece today at Crisis.   He puts his finger directly on the problems flowing from Germany and on the whole environment that spawned the Amazon Synod (“walking together”). Many … Read More

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Untying the Pope Francis “knot”. Some analysis.

“Looking at a short, partially improvised homily as if its words were the equivalent of an encyclical of Paul VI is simply ridiculous, and is an offense against the pope’s own intentions.” This is a quote from this good piece at Crisis … Read More

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