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What is at the heart of the progressivist attacks on the Traditional Latin Mass and the accusations that people who want it are “against Vatican II”? Here’s what it is.

A little over a year ago, I read something from one of the foremost of the “self-promoting through papalotry” voices of the ecclesiologically progressive gang.  It was alarming in its implications. What I had read was a claim that Vatican … Read More

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What the mighty Jesuit Karl Rahner would say, said, about suppressing Summorum Pontificum

Jesuit Fr. Karl Rahner was an immensely influential theological guru of a couple of generations of clerics and theologians.   He is the darling, venerated oracle of the catholic left and modernists. Here is a quote from Karl Rahner.  Given the rumors … Read More


They pretend it’s about language, but in reality it’s about content.

My good friend of many years, Msgr. Hans Feichtinger, has an excellent piece today at Crisis.   He puts his finger directly on the problems flowing from Germany and on the whole environment that spawned the Amazon Synod (“walking together”). Many … Read More

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Eugenics in our recent past

On a sunny weekend day in my native place, I might have a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast, then stop at Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul to visit the graves of priests and then slide over to the Pierce Butler … Read More

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New interview with Benedict XVI in Avvenire

I just noticed the news at LifeSite that Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI gave an interview to Avvenire, which is the daily of the Italian Bishops Conference. Yes, they have their own newspaper. The interview is refreshing. At this point I … Read More

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GERMANY: Where the weird stuff comes from

Why is it that truly weird stuff comes into the Church from Germany? I think it may be because of a) the Church Tax and b) that Rahner won in German speaking countries. Here is an example of how weird … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Must read piece about how wrong Rahner was.

Over at Rorate there is something, dear readers, that I want all of you to read and know like your catechism, for this is part of the battle we are all fighting right now… and for many years. At Rorate there is an … Read More

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