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Congressman introduces Religious Freedom Tax Repeal Act

From the CNS comes this: New proposal would remove mandate’s penalties for religious employers WASHINGTON (CNS) — Saying that the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 28 decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “leaves intact a grave assault to religious … Read More

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Obama Defends HHS Mandate: It’s “Not Fair” That Catholics Won’t Fund Birth Control

A biretta tip to CMR I saw this on Weasel Zippers. Pres. Obama simply lies to a reporter about the HHS mandate. He uses the dodge that “insurance companies”, not the Catholic institutions, will have to pay for the objectionable … Read More

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What can happen to you if you refuse to pay ObamaTAX

The First Gay President and his minions such as Doctrix of the Church Nancy Pelosi got the Affordable Care Act passed… so that we could know what is in it. As you may know, if you decide to pay the … Read More

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Pres. Obama’s Tax on practicing your religion

The Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate could survive as a tax. The penalties imposed are viewed, in the decision, as taxes. But through the edict of non-elected HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Pres. Obama would force religious institutions against … Read More

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Nancy Pelosi, Doctrix of the Church, on St. Ted Kennedy’s heavenly intercession for Obamatax

Former Speaker of the House and Arm-Chair Doctrix of the Church Nancy Pelosi, if she weren’t so harmful to our nation would be hilarious. From CNSNews: Pelosi on Obamacare: I Knew Ted Kennedy ‘Would Go to Heaven and Help Us … Read More

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Krauthammer: Chief Justice Roberts “goes to China” (Why did he do it? Here’s why.) – POLL

[Lively discussion about the SCOTUS decision is HERE.] There is alot of speculation about what Chief Justice Roberts did and why in his majority opinion effectively upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by coming at it as a tax … Read More

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