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Catholic organizations file religious liberty lawsuits against the federal government in a dozen jurisdictions

For a full list you can go here. ____ As you know, The First Gay President, Pres. Obama, has been undermining our 1st Amendment rights.  He has been attacking the Catholic Church, directly and through his minions such as the … Read More

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Brick by Brick! Pont. Seminary “Josephinum” and training in the Extraordinary Form

The ever alert long-time reader HE alerted me to a piece for your Brick By Brick file in Our Sunday Visitor. We are here concerned with the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae about the provisions of Summorum Pontificum and the real necessity … Read More

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OSV: Ecumenism and the Pope of Christian Unity

Our Sunday Visitor was kind enough to send me an advance copy of an editorial for their 8 May issue.  I think, once you read it, you’ll know why they sent it. Allow me to preface this by saying that … Read More

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