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The plural of anecdote is “data”

Disturbing data points have come to me in the last few days. First, I had a telephone conversation with a priest who described how the local bishop had removed the faculties of a number of priests pretty much because he … Read More

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Do you pray for the priests who gave you sacraments?

I noticed that today is the 55th anniversary of my baptism.  I will say a prayer or two for the one who baptized me and for my godparents, one of whom is deceased. Do you pray for the priest (or ministers … Read More

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In The Wild: “Pray For Our Priests” and “God Bless Our Bishop” (Z-Swag)

During the Fortnight of Freedom, it is good also to show our bishops some direct and concrete public support. This faithful and free Catholic American sent me a photo of some of his “Pray For Our Priests” Z-Swag. Looking good! … Read More

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