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The plural of anecdote is “data”

Disturbing data points have come to me in the last few days. First, I had a telephone conversation with a priest who described how the local bishop had removed the faculties of a number of priests pretty much because he … Read More

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Have priests of Malta been threatened with suspension if they resist The Maltese Fiasco?

UPDATE 20 Jan: The Catholic Herald says: Maltese bishop denies he will suspend priests who don’t give Communion to the remarried Bishop Mario Grech has denied that he will suspend priests who abide by traditional Church teaching on the Eucharist. … Read More

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The Maltese Fiasco – The Movie?

I haven’t yet heard who will star in this new film noir boxoffice buster. Meanwhile, my friend Fr. Murray has a comment at The Catholic Thing. Meltdown in Malta [They should start using The Maltese Fiasco, btw] […] The bishops of Malta have … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can absolution be granted when no purpose of amendment exists?

Under another entry here a commentator asked: Can absolution be granted where no purpose of amendment exists? If granted, with no purpose of amendment, does it even ‘take’? No. And No. In normal circumstances, when there isn’t danger or some … Read More

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Canonist Ed Peters on The Maltese Fiasco

Distinguished canonist Ed Peters, at his indispensable blog In The Light Of The Law, has posted in the wake of what we must now call… The Maltese Fiasco The Bishops of Malta issued a dreadful set of guidelines for the implementation … Read More

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Maltese Bishops Go To The ‘Amoris laetitia’ Zoo: Disaster… inexcusable nonsense… green-lighting sacrilege

UPDATE: aka – The Maltese Fiasco ___ Earlier today I had a great misfortune to read a statement from the Bishops of Malta which is a complete disaster.  I was going to post about it tomorrow, but canonist Ed Peters beat … Read More

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