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Getting the Rites right… Roman… Sarum… all’em

A priest friend sent a link to a piece in The European Conservative which argues for the Sarum Rite.   In itself, that’s interesting.  Adherents of the Roman Rite will, however, appreciate the introductory section.  My emphases and comments: The Tragedy … Read More

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QUAERUNTUR: More questions about Universae Ecclesiae

From a reader: I have a couple of questions [Looks like more than a couple.] !. In regards to Breviarium Romanum. “Summorum Pontificum gives clerics the faculty to use the Breviarum Romanum in effedt in 1962, which is to be … Read More

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A visit to the Met, a matter of great joy, and music so beautiful it hurt

Yesterday I followed some inclinations and did some spontaneous things.  Am I glad I did.  Thursday 3 February was a memorable day. I mentioned in another post that yesterday I felt compelled by a Strong Inner Voice to visit the … Read More

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