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QUAERITUR: Sermon by a different priest during TLM

From a reader: In my parish the pastor does not know the TLM, but our associate pastor does. Our pastor now desires to preach on a regular basis to the TLM community. Do you know what the rubrics are for a non-celebrant preacher? … Read More

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Pentecost Sermon, reposted.

As some people are telling me, apparently that second audio file I posted, along with some excerpts of the Pentecost Mass at Assumption Grotto in Detroit, didn’t show up on the iTunes feed. I repost it here.  Sorry about that.

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Benedict XVI’s sermon for Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper

Pope Benedict’s sermon for the Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper.  My emphases and comments and I add some extra paragraph breaks. Dear Brothers and Sisters! “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer” … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s Palm Sunday Sermon

With my emphases and comments: Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear young people! [Pueri, indeed.  Palm Sunday has associations with World Youth Day, I believe.] It is a moving experience each year on Palm Sunday as we go up the mountain … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Video in place of sermon

From a reader: Is it permissible to have a video homily, instead of an actual spoken homily by the priest or deacon? Now the message was from the [b]ishop of ____ and was about the annual sharing appeal, but it … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can choir director teach a song at homily time?

From a reader: I am a choir director and my pastor would like me to teach the congregation a song during the homily. He will introduce me and I come to the front and take over from there. I am … Read More

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QUAERITUR: priest roams around to preach

From a reader: We have a new pastor, and I am trying desperately to acclimatize myself to his liturgical style.  I’m wondering which things I should be concerned about and which I should just deal with. 1. When he give … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL: length of Sunday sermons

There was recently story on CNA about the "ideal" length of a Sunday sermon/homily.  First, the person who proposed in a book that "8 minutes" is the Secretary for the Cong. for Bishops, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic.  Second, while the Archbishop … Read More

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Did you hear a good Ash Wednesday sermon? Share a point.

If you heard an Ash Wednesday sermon which was worthwhile, share ONE SINGLE POINT you can recall for us, as concisely as possible… a single sentence, if possible.

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Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop of Rome

If I have a little time in the early morning I may try to parse some of the Holy Father’s Corpus Christi sermon at the Lateran. In the meantime, it was nice to see him preach, seated as usual, and … Read More

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A Trinity Sunday question

Here is a little Trinity Sunday question for you. In your Sunday sermons today, did you hear the preacher make an analogy for the Trinity? Did he says something like… The Trinity is like water, which can be steam, ice … Read More

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