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ASK FATHER: Hosts and wine for when we have to shelter an underground priest – UPDATE

UPDATE: 27 January 2021: A post by Peter Kwasniewski over at NLM dovetails well with this post. He writes about the building of home altars, that is, altars useful for the celebration of Mass in your home. This might be … Read More

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ASK FATHER: I discovered that the hosts used are from flour of a variety of grains. What to do?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I recently discovered that the priests at a chapel I had been attending have been using bread made of flour from a variety of grains, so it’s clearly invalid. The chapel is run by religious order … Read More

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What to do if – when – there are no hosts for Mass?

Did you see this? I want you to get your heads into a mental place where, in an economic collapse or some other kind of catastrophic situation, wheat flour and wine are scarce. Sometimes when I write in a dystopian … Read More

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Reader Feedback: we helped prevent a sacrilege

Sometime I get feedback from a reader saying that something I wrote prompted him to return to the sacrament of penance or moved her to get her marriage straightened out.  Those notes help me keep this blog going. This is … Read More

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Wheatless Hosts… Noooooooooooo.

Holy Church’s Canon Law closely follows Holy Church’s infallible teaching when it comes to discipline of the sacraments. The Church’s doctrine holds that valid matter for the Eucharist is a form of bread made from wheat.  In the Latin Church … Read More

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Developments with wheat, celiac

I have written about hosts and wheat and celiac (here and here, etc.). For the consecration to be valid, the hosts must be made from wheat flour.  Not wheat… not valid. This comes from e! Science News with my emphases … Read More

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