My View For Awhile: Chinese Food Edition

On the way to my ride home.

Delta is being it’s usual pokey self, so there was more time for supper.

It was time for Chinese food in Queens.

Dan dan noodles.


Xiao Long Bao… the stuff of dreams.


Best I’ve ever had anywhere!

Spicy hot cucumbers.

Scallion pancakes with beef.  I may now have another obsession.

And so now I wait for Delta to make up its mind.  We will stay or will we go?

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…

My view for awhile.

Meanwhile –

We are still here.   Apparently Delta’s computers are down.  So they are emailing the paper work to the personal email of one of the crew so they can get the information they need to … I dunno … a) fly b) in the right direction c) without running into anything.

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  1. Semper Gumby says:

    My guess is that Bill James’ Historical Abstract is on Fr. Z’s Kindle.

  2. On Kindle now: A novel in a series about Royal Navy during the Napoleonic War.

  3. tgarcia2 says:

    It was a dispatch release confirming flight path along with any potential contractual/FAR legalities for the pilots.

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    There is a Marine artillery officer who doesn’t deploy without a few Patrick O’Brian or CS Forester novels. This artillery officer did excellent work at ranges of 20-30 miles. Well, his joy was complete a few years ago when he got to work on BAE Systems’ long-range naval gun. 155mm and 83 mile range. I asked him if that was nautical miles. He just grinned and said “who cares?”

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  5. Phil_NL says:


    Isn’t it time for a global Xiao Long Bao top 10 in the sidebar?

    And a honorable mention for the scallion pancakes perhaps, they sure look good!


  6. AMDeiG says:

    13 Hours is a must see! It was *excellent* on the big screen. Looking forward to the DVD…

    [Me too!]

  7. Mike says:

    Delta seems to be coming loose at the seams. Fortunately my trip next week to Salt Lake City should be the last for a while.

  8. MAJ Tony says:

    @Semper Gumby, sounds like a guy (ANGLO?) with whom I could spend hours talking shop. Given the PE issues with unguided ordinance at 20-30 miles, the guy must be the artillery equivalent of Carlos Hathcock.

  9. LarryW2LJ says:

    “Extra Q&A”

    Well done, Father, well done.

  10. Semper Gumby says:

    Maj. Tony: Good one about Carlos Hathcock. And I agree, that CEP can be a bear sometimes.

    This particular officer was not ANGLICO, but a battery commander early in the Recent Unpleasantness a decade ago. I met him later at one of those futuristic (littoral urban jungle scenarios) wargaming events that JFCOM used to host. He was quite a character in the evening after a hard day of the referees- most of them retired colonels and flag rank- trashing what we (lieutenants to majors) thought was creative operational-level planning. You know how that goes.

    This officer insisted on using old school methods as backup to GPS, such as Polaris-Kochab and “charts and darts” in the FDC. His FOs were excellent. Last I heard, he’s now with another defense contractor.

  11. adriennep says:

    Again I say – please can we have a detailed Fr. Z food itinerary here? That DDD guy always lists his restaurants on the web site. For those who want to have religious as well as culinary pilgrimages, you know. You can’t keep taunting us with just photos!

  12. Supertradmum says:

    God bless your flights. Flying is a pain.

  13. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    “a) fly b) in the right direction c) without running into anything.” Three things I am in favor of.

  14. along with …. d) landing (softly).

  15. frjim4321 says:

    That all looks beautiful. Too many carbs for me, though. Hope you enjoyed.

  16. Semper Gumby says:

    tracer bullet calvin hobbes 01adriennep: I agree, this is a bit of a mystery Fr. Z set before the readers. If you’ve ever read the Calvin and Hobbes comics you may recall Calvin’s film noir private-eye alter-ego by the name of Tracer Bullet. Here he matches wits with the mysterious Fr. Z:

    Day 1 NYC: Hotdog stand near the Met. I see in Fr. Z’s photo the name “Sgt. David Gonzales” under the “snapdog” logo. That was easy. I’m charging $50 a day plus expenses. This better get harder…

    …and it does. Lunch there isn’t much to go on. A glimpse of crockery and chairs. Coke in a can, some places serve only Pepsi. That Coke drink packs a wallop, but I pack a revolver. Too much shoe leather required to crack this one now.

    Day 2: Two good photos. Sidewalk, angle of the Sun, menus, “Veselka” on one plate. Cracking this will be easy with the help of my two buddies. They’re fun and they travel light. One in my holster, the other in my hip flask.

    Day 3: Fr. Z wrote: “The proprietor is from Galicia.” Excellent, I can take off my hat, put my feet on my desk, and call every Spanish restaurant in New York City, making a note of anyone who answers the phone with the distinctive Galician accent. That ought to narrow the list down to about 400.

    My name is Tracer Bullet. I keep two Magnums in my desk. One I keep loaded, the other keeps me loaded. No one told me the life of a Private Eye would be easy.

    [“I keep two Magnums in my desk. One I keep loaded, the other keeps me loaded.” ROFL!]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  17. MAJ Tony says:

    Fr. Z,

    I know a really good steakhouse on the NE side of Indy owned by a Catholic family (Peterson’s). We’re going to have to find a way to get you there. You’ve already met a few of us at St. Martin in Louisville last year, including the father of one of the servers at Peterson’s. One interesting fact about Peterson’s related to me by that server is that the building used to be a Frisch’s Big Boy. You’d never know it if someone didn’t tell you.

    @Semper Gumby
    “This officer insisted on using old school methods as backup to GPS, such as Polaris-Kochab and “charts and darts” in the FDC.”

    Sounds like we’re close to the same age, though he might have been a bit younger. I’m Army Guard, and we don’t get promoted as fast as the RA guys. My gunnery instructor was a Marine CPT (Qualls, FAOBC 7-95). Marine FAOBC standards were 10% higher than Army. They were intense. They also wanted their best to be OBC Gunnery Instructors, unlike the Army, where that can be a career killer. He talked about the necessity of learning the stars, getting an Ephemeris, and doing “BUCS survey” from that data. He also said we should keep a copy of the firing table in our bathroom for light reading :). I’ve done P-K (he correctly said it should really be called K-P) and P2 (a method that I don’t think is supported in the aiming circle reticle anymore, especially now that we have GLPS) in self-training. It’s definitely a perishable skill, as is manual gunnery, which is no longer taught “old school” at Sill.

  18. Semper Gumby says:

    Fr. Z: Great touch with the cartoon- hilarious!

    Hat tip to acardnal. There was a Barbara Boxer post two weeks back and acardnal’s great comment “and they wonder why I drink” led me back into the Tracer Bullet stories.

    Maj. Tony: FAOBC in the mid1990s sounds about right. We haven’t emailed in several months but I’ll pass this along next time, I’m sure he enjoys a good firing table joke. (As another joke goes: in the infantry our firing table and command is a pointed index finger and a grunt). Anyway, I have no idea what his company is developing now but I’d bet my last doughnut that the jihadis are not going to like it.

  19. adriennep says:

    Semper gumby: Your exalted detective narrative was amusing, but I was able to find the restaurant names in Queens and Chinatown NYC without any fuss. Thankfully, there are more foodies and chow hounds posting photos and reviews from that area than anywhere on the planet. And they all apparently love Chinese, much like Fr. Z. But I’m not gonna tell ya’ where they are, so his secrets are still safe.

  20. Semper Gumby says:

    adriennep: Great comment- an excellent blend of wit and taunt.

    This calls for one of Tracer Bullet’s classic lines: “So, this dame is cracking wise, eh?” But I have no idea when he’ll be back. When he left my office this evening he was smoking a Lucky Strike and muttering something about the Ark of the Covenant.

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