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A look at Archbishop Conti’s pastoral letter which has stirred things up

Pursuant to the CNA article about the Glaswegian Archbishop Mario Conti’s exhortation to Catholics to stand for Holy Communion, there is now some considerable discussion out there in the blogosphere. Some are saying that Archbishop Conti has “decreed” in his … Continue reading

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The Archbishop of Glasgow on the Holy Father’s provisions in Summorum Pontificum

All day long people have been filling my email with requests for me to react to the opinions of His Excellency, nay rather, His Grace, Mario Conti, Archbishop of Glasgow, who has spoken about the Holy Father’s provisions in  Summorum … Continue reading

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Visit by visit for Fr. Finigan: 3,000,000 mark!

WDTPRS KUDOS to my good friend His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Tim Finigan, whose great blog has hit the 3 million visitors mark. Visit by visit. Now, dear readers, please go spike his stats by clicking… HERE! It’ll take a just few … Continue reading

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Fr. Finigan on Universae Ecclesiae

His Hermeneuticalness, P.P. of mighty Blackfen, the Dean of Bexley, Fr. Tim Finigan has a good roundup about Universae Ecclesiae, looking at different blogs which looked at the document. Also, Fr. Finigan offers this sporting analogy analysis: Fr Z has … Continue reading

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Go visit Fr. Finigan! Look at the changes to his blog and church!

My good friend Fr. Tim Finigan, His Hermeneuticalness, has not only revamped his fine blog, but he has a post about revamping the roof of his parish church! As Capt. Aubrey would say, “‘Up on the roof’ ain’t in it.” … Continue reading

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“I don’t go to Mass because…”

His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Tim Finigan, has a great insight, by means of a reductio ad absurdum: I am heartily sick of the protest “I don’t go to Mass because my parents forced me to go when I was young.” OK … Continue reading

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English priests comment on the Papal Mass in Glasgow

His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Finigan and the great PP of Brighton, Fr. Blake, share their views of the Papal Mass in Glasgow today. Be sure to visit their fine blogs. Some comments from Fr. Finigan about the Mass today: Liturgically, the … Continue reading

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The Savior’s chalice is forever precious and His hands are ever sacred

His Hermeneuticalness has an interesting post concerning the new corrected translation.   Let’s jump in media res: In the combox of the post "Telling the truth – a new corrected translation", Lawrence the Roman writes concerning the new corrected ICEL translation … Continue reading

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On Twitter we have “#followfriday”; why not “#anathemasiturday”

From His Hermeuenticalness.  I think we should consider this. Having just worked out what #followfriday is on Twitter (and indeed having posted my first #FF tweet) I thought it would be good to have an hashtag for an "Anathema Saturday" … Continue reading

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When the Pastor’s away, the DANGERMOUSE will…

Times have changed,And we’ve often rewound the clock,Since the Puritans got a shock,When they landed on Plymouth Rock.If today,Any shock they should try to stem,‘Stead of landing on Plymouth Rock,Plymouth Rock would land on them. In olden days a glimpse … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 107: Most Precious Blood and your sins; Interview with Fr. Finigan

At the beginning of July, a month dedicated in a special way to devotion to the Most Precious Blood of the Lord, I give you in the PODCAzT a short reflection on the Blood of the Lord, what happens at … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 106: John Henry Newman’s kindly light

In this PODCAzT we will drill into the Collect designated for the Memorial of soon-to-be Blessed John Henry Newman (+1890). I have as a surprise, a guest appearance by Fr. Timothy Finigan, who will read one of Newman’s famous works. … Continue reading

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Being “judgmental”. Fr. Finigan hits for six!

My friend His Hermeneuticalness has hit for six. Here is a sample.  But definitely go over to his place and spike his stats even while reading the rest of this excellent entry. My emphases and comments:     Judge not, that … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins – punchline

Richard Dawkins is closing in on "punch line" status. My friend the great pastor of Blackfen, His Hermeneuticalness has an excellent comment about Dawkin’s latest attack. Goebbels redivivus Damian Thompson today has a quotation from Richard Dawkins about the Holy … Continue reading

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The UK’s Catholic Herald writes of priest bloggers, especially Fr. Finigan

I am glad to post that the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, has posted a brief piece about priest bloggers. What makes this article so congenial is that it talks about my good friend Fr. Tim Finigan, whose … Continue reading

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