Sabine Farm view

Since I can’t yet get my webcam working here in Rome, I remotely turned on my Z-cam back at the Sabine Farm, with a little Vatican Radio in the background.  The sunrise is glorious right now.

It won’t be left on very long.

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  1. Adam van der Meer says:

    Father, a way that you can get through a firewall (i.e. in Rome) is with a program called HTTP-Tunnel. I think the web site is There is a free version which is extremely slow, so it would never work for a camera, but I think the pay version costs about $5/month, which is reasonable.

  2. Adam: Thanks for that suggestion. I am not sure it will work, however. The service uses a specific port. I need to read a little. Good link!

  3. Adam: I look at that program and gave it a try. Either I don’t understand how to configure it properly, or it will not work with my camstream service.

  4. Adam van der Meer says:

    The way that the program works is that everything goes through port 80 on its way in and out, as that is the port that most firewalls do not block (apparently, and I am displaying my ignorance here, that is the port through which everyone normally accesses the internet). So, what it does is sends everything through port 80, and then re-routes it once it gets to their servers. I only use it for POP email (as our network blocks POP), and it works great, but I would not be able to offer any technical advice on how to get a camstream to go through it. Maybe someone else can help. My understanding, from reading about this program and talking with People Who Know, is that it is supposed to be able to get around any firewall situation.

  5. Adam van der Meer says:

    I would probably email the folks at HTTP-Tunnel and explain your situation, and whether their product could do the trick (they also have message boards which I found helpful the one time I needed support). Since you would be a paying customer, in order to get the hi-speed service, I’m sure they would respond to your inquiry.

  6. Adam: Still no luck. Still trying.

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