For the chant jock in your life

Here is something just perfect to relieve the pressure of this day’s controversies.

For the chant jock in your life

Bench Pressus Muscle Tee

This series and more available at The CantemusDomino Store.

And when wearing this, be sure to have a coffee mug on your hand.



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  1. Ronald Webber says:

    ‘chant jock?’

    I cant tell whether you are trying to link traditional catholic spirituality with macho prowess, or whether you are simply making a joke. If the latter, then its a cracking phrase. If the former, then, well… are you kidding?

  2. Jason Petty says:

    Who needs a cassock and surplice with choir dress like this?

    This coming from a professed chant jock.

  3. Geometricus says:

    I’ve GOT to have one of these. I like to work out in the Providence Academy weight room while playing chant extra loud. I also have been known to pray Vespers (in Latin, chanted) while running on the treadmill.

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