About my UK and USA skype call-in numbers

I got this e-mail from skype, which I use a lot:

The online number:  +442081231545,  +16513144554 will expire in 7 days. To keep using this number, please log into your account to extend the subscription.

I originally got these numbers, which I pay for, mainly so that people could call and leave messages I could include in PODCAzTs

I wanted some additional interactive element you readers and listeners could use.  And some messages, well, haven’t been very useful for PODCAzT purposes.

I just use those phone numbers so that people can leave voice mail… at least right now.  I haven’t been answering the calls live, to chat… though that could be interesting.  And don’t normally call people back, either. 

Lately, I haven’t had many people calling in to those numbers to leave messages.   

I will continue these numbers if people use them.  Donations to cover the cost will help.  I am in a position right now where the blog must cover its own expenses, I’m afraid.  Each one of those numbers is $60/year.  I don’t see any sense in continuing them if they are not useful for me or people who want to call and leave me messages.  I’d like to keep them, but that is, alas, how it must be.


Many thanks to Martin of Scotland for using the skype UK number to read that version of Horace’s famous poem in Scots.  That is the sort of thing I really enjoy!

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  1. Martin Gardner says:

    Are these the numbers I may call to recite the Carpe Diem in Lowland Scots? A friend has dared me to give an authentic Scots rendering per your request and after another dram (or two) I might just rise to the challenge.


  2. Martin: Indeed yes. But they will expire in a few days if they don’t have any traffic or support hasn’t come to sustain them.

  3. Trisha Tan says:

    Is it just the phone numbers themselves that are expiring, or the actual Skype name too? I thought Skype names themselves were free…I haven’t ever used it, but then, I haven’t really had occasion to, either.

  4. Trisha: No, not the name or address on skype, wdtprs. Just the UK and USA telephone numbers.

    Also, one person said that he would donate $30 if another person would donate $30. That will keep the UK number alive.

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