Benedict XVI’s 1st Vespers for Advent – some video

Here is a too brief clip from CTV of Pope Benedict’s vespers service in the Vatican Basilica for the beginning of Advent.


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  1. toomey says:

    AAAhhh, wonderful. And His Holiness is using that beautiful throne of Leo XIII. That is the most beautiful papal throne I have seen yet.

  2. Kat says:


    I was recently told by someone that Blue is permissible for Advent in the United States, it is my understanding that it is not. Am I in the wrong?

  3. Brendan says:

    Kat, I know I am not Father Z. but I would like to answer your question. No, Blue is not permitted. The Liturgical Color for Advent is Violet.

  4. Brenden is correct: Blue is not a liturgical color permitted in the Roman Rite for Advent.

  5. Marcin Kukuczka says:

    I have been particularly interested in papal ceremonies for the last 14 months and again, I must say with great joy: POPE BENEDICT COMES BACK TO TRADITION.

    The throne of Leo XIII is indeed marvelous, carrying his liturgical robe has also been restored and the beautiful hymn to Virgin Mary ALMA REDEMPTORIS MATER. I am glad Msgr Guido Marini is at his side, not too liberal Piero Marini. Now, I look forward to Urbi et Orbi blessing on Christmas. Last year (Christmas 2007), the view of Holy Father using the throne, the cope was really surprising. On Easter 2008 he could not go to the balcony because of the stormy weather.


    Martin from Poland

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