Saturday errands in the big city

I am “in town” and therefore doing important things such as getting a haircut from one of the better barbers here, still inexpensive and blessedly fast while being very good. “Mike” does a good job. Many seminarians and priests have come here for years, and a few archbishops.

Then it was off to the excellent religious and church goods store Leaflet Missal. This store has it all and you can find it online.

They have been very good to seminarians over the years and friendly to clergy. On a wall near the door there us a bit of a gallery of men to whom they perhaps gave summer jobs or who were associated with better things before the tide began to turn.

I wish they had a wish list. The fellow who runs the church goods area has good taste and is quite involved with the TLM at St. Augustine’s in S. St. Paul. Here are a couple things which would grace the Sabine Chapel. The angels (below) would also be wonderful.

I found that they have reliquaries in silver in the same style as the gold ones in the chapel. Nice. You would not make a mistake to check them out.

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  1. Jason says:

    You would like my barber. He’s an Italian immigrant and has a picture of St. Michael on the wall, a picture of Pope John Paul II, and a sign that reads “In God we trust. All others pay cash.”

  2. John P. says:

    Father, you probably aren’t going to believe this, but the priest at a parish near me has that EXACT same chalice. Perhaps his came from the same place, or perhaps they just sell that particular chalice in a lot of places?

    Thanks for sharing, Father!


  3. Lucia says:

    What other religion would dare have something so awesome as that store? Really?

  4. Brian Day says:

    I am glad that a Catholic brick and mortar store is doing well. Perhaps being near a major seminary helps.

    The Catholic store near me is (The Angelus Shop, Stanton, CA) is for sale. If there is no buyer then it will close after next year’s First Holy Communion season. On-line shopping has decimated their sales.

  5. AnAnonymousSeminarian says:

    It wasn’t particularly obvious from the brief report here, but part of the “good taste” of the gentleman who runs the Church goods section includes traditional-styled vestments, both Gothic (as shown) and Roman. These seem to usually come in sets including maniple, burse, and chalice veil.

    In addition, the website lists numerous EF liturgical resources. Definitely worth a look.

    Brick by brick…

  6. Bernardo says:

    Father, your pictures are “killing” me! Way too many memories.

    I left the TC about a year ago.

    Do I need to say how much I miss St Agnes and St Augustine, doing adoration at St Charles Borromeo (one of so many parishes with perpetual adoration in the TC!), shopping at the Leaflet, joining the Chesterton fanatics every now and then and never missing the Argument of the Month over at St Augustine! And I have no fitting words for the beauty of the Cathedral and St Agnes Church.


  7. Breviarylover says:

    Father why are you in the Twin Cities?
    I pray for you every day.
    God bless!

  8. JMM says:

    Father are you going to stop by Saint Augustine in South Saint Paul this Sunday?

  9. Jane says:

    What a great shop.

  10. David Andrew says:

    I’m a regular shopper at Leaflet. It’s about an hour from where I live, but it’s worth the trip, let me tell you!

  11. Kradcliffe says:

    I suppose if somebody is inspired to buy Fr. Z one of the pictured items as a Christmas present, they should let the store owner know so that nobody buys duplicates.

    Not that Fr. Z was, you know, hinting or anything. ;)

    Hey, Father… I’m learning how to sew. I’ll make you some really nice felt banners with abstract and blocky depictions of wine and wheat sheaves. They’ll look simply fabulous in your chapel. I could throw a little lace on them if you think that would go with your, you know, overall aesthetic.

  12. Nick says:

    The Eastern Orthodox dare have something as awesome. The Sofrino store in Moscow as well as the ecclesiastical stores around the Metropolis in Athens are veritable Ali Baba treasure troves. The following link (in Russian)for Sofrino gives a very limited idea. Just click on any of the list (in red) of categories:

  13. Kay says:

    I am still being tempted by the Advent candleholder on the cover of their recent catalog. How cool to be able to get some glimpses of the REAL store.

    Thanks Father Z for posting the great letter of John L. Allen and the superb homily of Bishop Finn–along with all the other thought-provoking and informative pieces you post. I can’t read many blogs but yours is an almost daily MUST-visit.

  14. Marysann says:

    Nick, thanks for the link to the Sofrino web-site. It is beautiful. We will moving to Moscow next June, and we will be sure to visit one of their stores. Their icons appear to be reasonably priced. It is illegal to take old icons out of Russia, so I am glad to know that we will be able to find new ones.

  15. Agnes says:

    I can never walk out of that place empty handed. Very dangerous!
    And of course, we miss your visits to St. Agnes, Fr Z.

  16. Scott W. says:

    Wow tchotchke heaven!

  17. Br. Andrew, OP says:

    I need a haircut! Mike was the best when I was in Seminary. And such a short trip to my most favorite bookstore in the whole world. Some days I really miss Minnesota. Like today when they BEAT THE PACKERS!!!

  18. JPSonnen says:

    Classic! I was in there to get the boss a haircut in 2006 and he started talking about the motto of l’Osservatore Romano! It was hilarious and makes me weep to think the old days with “the ” monsignor are now over forever…except in heaven.

  19. Rick Stump says:

    I used to go to Leaflet Missal all the time – I lived next door to the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin parish and it was a short drive. It hasn’t changed much and they have the best stuff!

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