A good day

Now we must all pray that in the near future men of good will can work out differences with humility and charity towards each other.

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  1. Cory says:

    I think that before charity and humility comes warm weather. At least that’s how it for me.

  2. Kazimer says:

    I certainly hope so.

    Speaking of good will : The recent actions/movements of Pope Benedict XVI toward the SSPX have gone much toward reconciliation and peace.

    Interestingly, this light for a “new dawn ” has brought the light of day to shine forth on some of the SSPX Bishops.

    The SSPX Superior General, The Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI aren’t being helped in the cause of solidarity by comments made by B.Williamson and now Fr.Abrahamowicz.

    Article from John L. Allen, Jr. :

    ” another leader in the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz) has questioned whether the Nazis used gas chambers for anything other than “disinfection,” and said that people who hold revisionist views on the Holocaust are not anti-Semites…

    also referred to Jews as “a people of deicide,” referring to the death of Christ…

    he gave a television interview in which he said that Erich Priebke, a German SS officer convicted of war crimes for a 1944 massacre in Rome, in which 335 Italian civilians were killed in reprisal for the deaths of 33 German soldiers, should not be seen as an “executioner” but rather a soldier who acted “with regret and a heavy heart.”

    Link to article http://ncronline3.org/drupal/?q=node/3191

  3. Gideon Ertner says:

    “…people who hold revisionist views on the Holocaust are not anti-Semites”

    Well, in all fairness, they aren’t, at least not necessarily. For many it is motivated by anti-Zionism, which is not the same as anti-Semitism.

    Referring to the Jews as “a people of deicide” is more problematic. Any one of us could have stood in that crowd shouting “Crucify Him”.

    As for Erich Priebke, I know nothing whatsoever about him. Who is to say he did not in fact act with regret and a heavy heart? He is still responsible for his reprehensible acts, of course.

    It does, however, sound as if there may be some sort of fascination of Fascism behind these statements. I don’t know why this sort of thing exists in supposedly Conservative circles; for true Conservatives any sort of Fascist populism ought to be anathema but I suspect it is due to an underlying anti-Bolshevism.

  4. Woody Jones says:

    Gideon is right on here. I crucified our Lord with my sins, I do not need to caste blame on anyone else. The question of who is the true remnant of Israel is a different issue (see, e.g., Rom. 9-11, esp. Navarre Bible notes).

  5. Paul Haley says:

    It matters not to me one twittle what this or that person thinks is the truth with respect to the Holocaust. What does matter is their belief in terms of the Catholic Faith, and that which has been passed on to us from time immemorial. Having served in a war myself, I find it impossible to put myself in the shoes of anyone of either side in any previous war. War is hell, my friends, make no mistake about that. And, I can fully understand why those whose relatives and friends were slaughtered in the death-camps of WWII take offense at anyone else attempting to minimize the extent of the atrocities that were committed. Let us resolve to see to it that “Never Again” is firmly etched into our consciences.

  6. LeonG says:

    To His Eminence Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos

    Your Eminence

    Amidst this tremendous media storm stirred up by imprudent remarks of mine on Swedish television, I beg of you to accept, only as is properly respectful, my sincere regrets for having caused to yourself and to the Holy Father so much unnecessary distress and problems.

    For me, all that matters is the Truth Incarnate, and the interests of His one true Church, through which alone we can save our souls and give eternal glory, in our little way, to Almighty God. So I have only one comment, from the prophet Jonas, I, 12:

    “Take me up and throw me into the sea; then the sea will quiet down for you; for I know it is because of me that this great tempest has come upon you.”

    Please also accept, and convey to the Holy Father, my sincere personal thanks for the document signed last Wednesday and made public on Saturday. Most humbly I will offer a Mass for both of you.

    Sincerely yours in Christ

    +Richard Williamson

    The sincere apology & its ready acceptance do more than anything else to manifest humility and charity between men.

  7. GCC Catholic says:

    New Catholic at Rorate Caeli has posted a letter of apology from Bishop Williamson to Cardinal Castrillon. He does not take back the content of what he said, but he states his regret as to the effects of the interview; it makes me want to give him the benefit of the doubt on this.

    Let us pray to Our Lady that hearts may continue to be softened.

  8. Joan Ellen says:

    Yes, Leon G, and dialogue, dialogue, dialogue for understanding between men (and women :) ) of good will.

  9. Skyscan says:

    Oremus. I’ll offer up my Friday penances for this just cause of unity.



  10. Joan Ellen says:

    GCC Catholic said “He does not take back the content of what he said…” and that is so.

    What he said has made it clear that there is a need to be grateful to God for our Jewish heritage…and our Catholic-Jewish Connections…that we have to this day.

    In the Old Testament…their Bible 1st…and in the Mass…the “parts and things” such as the psalms and the eternal light, the lavabo table, the tabernacle, etc., etc., etc.

  11. LeonG says:

    On the contrary Joan, dialogue does not always encourage the humility and charity desired. It is often a mere monologue, a dialogue of the deaf or an excuse to delay necessary action. Some ecumenists in the postmodern era have employed it as a means of reducing the importance of The Roman Catholic Church to a mere religion among religions.

    Men is used generically as I am sure most would understand.

  12. Joan Ellen says:

    Fr. Z said, “Now we must all pray that in the near future men of good will can work out differences with humility and charity towards each other.”

    Father, I think this is the best prayer petition. And then if those inclined also follow Skyscan and “…offer up my Friday penances for this just cause of unity.”…well, thanks be to God.

    Our Lady said…Pray, pray, pray…and Penance, penance, penance.


  13. Chris says:

    Bishop Williamson’s letter is not an apology. Readers need to go to dinoscopus.blogspot.com. There Bishop Williamson provides two scripture quotes (John 18:23, and Acts 23:5),which he uses to portray the sense of his apology. When you read those quotes, it is obvious that Bishop Williamson thinks he is being falsely attacked by the Jews.

  14. dcs says:

    Bishop Williamson’s letter is not an apology.

    I find it hard to characterize it as anything but an apology. No, he does not apologize for the content of what he said (how could he do that if he believes it to be true?), but he certainly does apologize for the fact that he said it, and admits that his remarks were “imprudent.” I’m not sure what more could be said on the matter.

  15. Robert says:

    Chris, I disagree with your interpretation of Bp williamson’s letter and his scripture citations. I think he is emphasizing that HE inadvertently caused protest and disrespect to be leveled against the holy Father, and Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, and HE regrets that. I think the citations are meant to show that he did not intend to bring this storm of protest against either the Pope or the Cardinal, but that they are being falsely attacked because of his imprudent words.

  16. Chris says:


    His words were not “imprudent.” He uses them all the time. He is very inteligent and always choses his words with purpose. He believes the Jews run the world, I heard him say so when I was in his seminary. He believes, and has said, that the Jews run the Vatican.

  17. Anne-France says:

    It’s time that we all read Jonas again.

  18. Robert says:

    I understand that he believes what he says. I mean imprudent in the sense of causing unintintended harm by the timing and in the context of the lifting of the excommunications. Imprudent is MY word, not his; he regrets the harm to the Pope and the Cardinal.

  19. Chris says:


    He used the word “imprudent” in the first line of his letter.

    Go read Jon Allen’s fantastic synopsis of the radicals inside the SSPX. (I think Fr. Z posted it here.) There are very honest members of the SSPX with doctrinal questions, and there are anti-semitic radicals. Bishop Williamson is a radical, he is not imprudent. Also read fringewatcher.blogspot.com to see Williamson radical beliefs as well as the connections to the International Third Position.

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