A promise fulfilled

Yesterday evening in the WDTPRS chat room, someone asked about Penjing.  So here is your…


Penjing is in fine fettle.  I am noticing some new growth, thus suggesting a trim will soon be necessary.  Winter doesn’t seem to have bothered Penjing in the least.  Nor have the Christmas ornaments.   (I need some micro-bulbs and some LEDs).

At this moment, Penjing is settled betwixt my handy copy of Trimeloni and my audio mixer.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Geo. F. says:

    Fr. Zuhlsdorf,
    The chat room was great, how nice of you to open your home to us.

    Keep us posted if you’ll be holding regular “office-hours” in the chat room.

    Maybe you could charge a nominal annual “donation” similar to what secular websites have for their “premium members” to support/defray the costs of the great work that you do on WDTPRS.

    In corde Jesu et Maria

  2. Geo: That is a great idea. Of course the donation button is available on the left sidebar. But the Premium or Sponor or “Elite” member idea is good. Not sure how to make that work.

    I suppose those subscribers would be featured in a list online and get some premium content.

  3. Thanks for the update, Father! The little stars make Penjing even more fetching. If the chat room continues on successfully, I will remind you to give us all a Penjing update every few weeks.

  4. Allena says:

    What if Elite members got a tee shirt, and entrance into the chat room with Father. Plus like a weekly newsletter with some interesting insight, with a Fabulous Fr Z recipe or something?

    Then regular Members could get a mug and just the newsletter or something else.

    Maybe, you could also make a Spiritual Bouquet donation button, so that those of us too broke to pay attention could still give generously? Then you could see all the prayers and offerings made for your intentions and growth in holiness…Anyhow, I think it’s a great idea and you could offer benefits for each level…

    I think it would encourage people to be more actively in donating, and also give everyone a chance to do you a return service.

  5. Patrick says:


    Penjing does look very robust. Taller (it seems) from last snap of the little fellow. I do have a question, as Penjing grows you trim the leaves and branches. Do you have to repot often? Or does the trimming help moderate root growth?

    Happy New Year

  6. Patrick: I have not yet re-potted Penjing. I will attend to this in the spring.

  7. dcs says:

    Penjing’s size reminds me a bit of my late grandparents’ tiny Norfolk Island pine, which they kept indoors year-round and decorated at Christmas in lieu of a bigger tree.

  8. little gal says:

    And how is Penjing’s ‘friend’ doing? In previous photos, they were both outside enjoying a bit of sun.

  9. Geo F. says:

    Great Name for the chat room
    Gathering Fragments: This references the feeding of the multitude with five barley loaves and two fish. Afterwards, Our Lord says, “Gather up the leftover fragments that nothing may be lost.”
    Fr. Z looks at this command in a way which reveals his outlook on the realities of faith, his view of the sacramentality of the the Church, and his view of the generosity of the Giver(D.N.J.C.) The words Colligite fragmenta explain his dedication to the daily tasks of teaching, serving (both through his priestly vocation and the WDTPRS blog) and also explain his erudition, his aesthetic, and his commitment to a Catholic vision for saving the liturgy brick-by-brick. We are grateful for the gift and the fragments.

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